SP-550...what's really important

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Eddie Senior Member • Posts: 2,451
SP-550...what's really important

I do appreciate all the threads here about how good or how bad the SP-550 is...CA, noise, video, startup speed and so on and on. All of that is important but to some it is not. What is important to some are the memories that are captured such as the one here of my granddaughter. The camera might not be perfect but this little girl surely is. I was going past these two sleeping on the couch and thought what a great memory a photo of the two of them would be, so I picked up my new SP-550 and snapped this shot at ISO 400 no flash. I must also add the I could have not captured this moment on the spot with my E-1 or my E-330 because I only have one leg and took this shot while balancing on that one leg holding my two crutches around both forearms and hoped for the best. Because of the size of the SP-550 and the IS I was able to take the picture on the spur of the moment. The picture and the camera might not be technically perfect but the image is priceless to me. This camera suits me just fine with "all" it's flaws that have been pointed out here on this forum. Again, the SP-550 is not perfect but at $500 I was not expecting it to be.

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Re: SP-550...what's really important

Thanks for reminding us. Great photo!

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Re: SP-550...what's really important

aww that is just such a sweet picture ..a great memory ..


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A timely reminder..

...That its the moments we capture that stay with us forever - cameras will come and go.

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Excellent application.

Well done, Eddie.

Dave Knadler
Dave Knadler Senior Member • Posts: 2,117
Re: SP-550...what's really important

Eddie wrote:

The camera might not be perfect but this little girl
surely is.

Eloquently stated. Nice shot, too.

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Good reminder.

Most of us will never be professional photographers. Most of us want cameras to tell the stories of our lives, to document where we are and were we've been, and in some cases, where we're going. In a sense, your photo tells a story of both here and now, and of the future. The beauty of that is that it cannot be matched by any studio shot. The emotions it evokes are nearly universal, because the photo is true and natural and real.

Like an excellent home-cooked meal, it doesn't matter if it was prepared on a restaurant-grade Viking gas range or on a wood-fired, cast-iron stove. As you said so eloquently, it is the end result that is important.

But I'll bet having IS didn't hurt.

I appreciate your post and the photo. Both are excellent.

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OP Eddie Senior Member • Posts: 2,451
Re: SP-550...what's really important

Thanks Bill.


boriszulj Senior Member • Posts: 2,208
Looks perfect to me...

Great shot. I have two daughters (4 and 7 1/2 yrs old) that just loved to sleep on my chests like your little princess. I miss those times. But I have some shots just like yours, to remind me how it used to be. Now they are to big for that, but still love to hug me and fool around with me.
Kids are the biggest treasure in life.

Love your shot. It is PERFECT!
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OP Eddie Senior Member • Posts: 2,451
Re: Looks perfect to me...

Thanks Boris

jennyi Forum Pro • Posts: 12,001
Re: SP-550...what's really important

Wonderful picture of a precious baby and moment.

Susan G Veteran Member • Posts: 6,445
Re: SP-550...what's really important - Right

you are -- and the memories we preserve of what and whom we love really is what it's all about.

That photo is really precious -- not to mention good colors and sharpness, etc., but it's the love and tenderness that permeate that you captured so well.

Thanks for putting that sentiment so eloquently to remind us and for sharing the photo.


OP Eddie Senior Member • Posts: 2,451
Thank you Susan

Your comments are very much appreciated.


OP Eddie Senior Member • Posts: 2,451
thanks Marion (nt)

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Re: SP-550...what's really important - Right

I, too, have the E-1, and have been struggling with what to take for traveling. I agree with Eddie...the camera you have in your hand is sure better than the one you didn't take with you. Touching and beautiful photo you took...thank you. I will either buy the new E-3 with the new 2.0, 14-35 ($2500 lens only?), or skip all that and put a G7 in my pocket! That said, how about your beloved Sp 550 vs Oly 510 with kit, vs new Sigma DP1 with the large Foveon sensor? (The poor man's M8?) Honestly, better to have something you'll take than what you tiredly left in your hotel room. I admire the work and comments of Lawrence Ripsher (a beautiful review of the SP550), but the G7 advocates speak strongly in their forums. Somehow the 550 lands between the E-3 and the G7 foir me. Then again, will the 410 with kit kill the 550?

rennie12 Senior Member • Posts: 2,844
No perfect camera - some perfect shots - like this ! n/t
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bill wilson

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