CIS and Customer Service.

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BrianCohen New Member • Posts: 6
CIS and Customer Service.

Hi, I am new to this forum but am surprised that no one has mentioned the ink system pro from . I particularly like the design of the unit which looks as though it is part of my Epson R1800 I have been using the system for about 11 months now and find the quality excellent.

More important is the ongoing customer service which they provide. There are a number of delicate parts which I managed to break due to my own carelessness which were replaced without cost. and I have had several sessions of advice all free of charge.

The quality of the inks is excellent. I cannot say how close they are to Epson as I have always profiled the various ink/paper combinations I use rather than rely on general profiles. My permanence test has been a print taped to a South facing window half covered in black card. After six months there has been no noticable difference in the two halves.


Gary Mayo Senior Member • Posts: 2,524
Re: CIS and Customer Service.

Hey Brian!

I am a user of the Kyson system, and I was so impressed with it, I removed it last night and now use it as a paperweight. lol

So I am on the hunt again/still for a reliable CIS system for my r1800

Does the electric aspect side of your system come into play with the way you use your system?

I noticed it is the only system with electronic monitoring of critical issues. That could be good, or it could be just one more thing to adjust/check/worry about.

I am surprised your thread has gone unnoticed so long. I was checking back posts to see what I ha missed and came across yours.

Also, do you get prints that have a green shadow sometimes? I printed a print tonight that I needed to reprint to get the green out and it was with OEM pigments, so I guess that is not just an issue with third party products. It was an almost every print problem with the Kyson system.
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Nounours18200 New Member • Posts: 10
Re: CIS and Customer Service.

I have been using the EFILLINK CIS system for months and can assure you that it is an excellent system.

I am not the kind of person just looking for a CIS in order to achieve cost savings, -although it also provides huge cost savings-, but I am permanently looking for a CIS that provides high quality printouts, with true color matching, and I also pay attention to other details such as bronzing for example.

I assure you that the results provided by the EFILLINK system are excellent: the system is very reliable, and the inks are very good. There is just a little lack of glossy compared with the Epson Ultrachrome hi-gloss inks (the ones used in the Epson R1800), but the final result is equivalent to the Epson R2400 (which uses Epson UltraChrome K3 inks).

If you are looking for a high quality CIS able to achieve high quality printouts (and not only cost savings), then go to the EFILLINK system: you will not be disappointed.

And the customer service is better than any other major brands provide (should I say do not provide...).

Best regards,

Zone8 Forum Pro • Posts: 17,276
Re: CIS and Customer Service.

There are clearly a number of good CIS systems available. I for one am using a Kyson pigmented ink CIS on my Canon i9950 with great success. Excellent inks and high quality prints. (I'm a Pro and sell work as well as - now semi-retired - teach, originally high-quality conventional darkroom work and now, for several years. digital).

Must confess I have used Epson printers for many years. They worked (mostly!) fine with PrintRite dye inks - excellent - but legal action by Epson made PR remove cartridges for specific models from the market, so I looked for CIS for them. Let's just say MIS CFS systems have totally clogged one, so that's totally out of action. other is just about working with lots of cleans every day.

The Canon i9950 with the Kyson CIS and pigmented inks is sailing along. I will never, ever, go back to using Epsons. There were always clogging problems from time to time yet since installing the Kyson CIS in my Canon, no such problems. The Canon has small 2 pl nozzles and the Epsons had 6 pl nozzles, believe it or not. Would add that the original Canon inks clogged from time to time and prints faded within 20-30 minutes in our strong Spanish sunlight. No such prblems with the Kyson inks whatsoever.

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jfh1945 Regular Member • Posts: 279
Re: Gary: get your energy up...

I suspect the Efflink package needs your going over (vbg). You didn't really throw out the calibration gear, did you?

Another 'stray' efflink comment surfaced in the last few days, I think. That user was equally effusive, and the only negative comment I remember was something about heavy battery usage for the monitoring--like one AA a week, or whatever.

The Effilink was the system (beyond the InkjetFly ones I am wringing out here) that really caught my eye. However, it doesn't fit my 'cost benefit' perspective. That's probably another way of saying I would rather spend 'h' hours with 'x' papers sorting out 'y' casts, not to mention the 'z' hours on software and driver quirks.

FWIW, the InkjetFly / colored pigment CIS I set up last night on a second NIB R340 had acceptable prints after about four attempts--and that's with no real tweaking of paper profiles yet. I have only a slight magenta cast to get sorted out. Drayken is the one who will probably sort out the InkjetFly pigment ink quality questions for us.

So far, I can say that my two InkjetFly CISs have been nearly plug and play--the problems I've had are largely limited to my own ineptness in the cartridge refilling game (for the B&W config), and some auto-reset chip issues that I think are tied to the R340 Firmware being REALLY persistent about Epson carts.

I've had NO clogging issues with either machine--that's with the MIS UT-R2N inkset in the one, and the default Inkjetfly pigments in the other. (However, I wouldn't expect clogging yet, after 12 hours--right?)

I wonder if a lot of CIS issues have more to do with such categories as ink compatibility and head design, user competence and frequency-of-use, and local installation issues like humidity, temp, etc.

Some of these brands definitely seem to work better with certain printer models, I had dismissed the Kyson package after seeing the site--but I have NO reason to disbelieve Zone8's reports on its success with his Canon, and I have no doubt of its failure with your R1800(?), Gary. Likewise, the InkRepublic advocates have, overall, reported pretty good luck. It would be of value to see a database of installations sorted by printer, CIS, etc., etc., to see what correlations can be determined.

We had 12" of snow yesterday, and another 4" or so coming today--so I will fiddle some more.

Jim H.
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