Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

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Re: Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?


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Re: Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

Hi Huy!

One more thing I found out, which is worth knowing - While the
first curtain sync allows shutter speeds up to 1/180, the second
curtain setting only goes up to 1/90.

AFAIK, this is the standard restriction for flashes: Shutter speed for second curtain flash is half the speed for first curtain flash.


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Re: Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

Guy Ashkenazi wrote:

I recently bought this flash unit (Digital Concepts 952AF/PEN), and

I'm thinking of getting one of these, too. Can you tell me where you found it for sale online? Also, have you been able to tell if adjusting exposure compensation on the K100D (+ or -EV) has any effect on resulting exposure when using this flash in P-TTL mode?

it works well with my K100D. It is P-TTL, judging by the ability to
see the pre-flash in the viewfinder before the mirror rises. It
works well as long as the flash is strong enough to produce a good
exposure, but underexposes more than needed when flash intensity is
less then optimal. I compared the P-TTL result against a manual 1/1
charge over a range of apertures. As long as the full charge manual
shots are overexposed, the P-TTL produces consistently good
exposures. But when I close the aperture to a point where the
manual full charge is exposed correctly, the P-TTL underexposes.
For some reason, the P-TTL doesn't deliver a full charge. This is
not a big problem, because if the shot is underexposed, you can
safely turn the flash to manual mode (a single push of a button),
without fear of overexposing.
The unit has a switch for first curtain / second curtain sync, so
you can use slow sync flash. It does not support high sync flash.
Curiously, when the flash is set to first curtain sync, the flash
icon in the viewfinder stays lit even if the flash is not ready,
causing me to sometimes shoot before the flash is charged. This
does not happen in second curtain sync mode - the flash icon blinks
while the flash is charging.
The unit supports the anti-red-eye pre flash, if this mode is set
by the camera.
The 270 degree swivel and 90 degree bounce are very good - you can
bounce directly up off the ceiling even if you point your camera at
an angle downward.
The built-in diffuser and reflector plate are very handy and
improve picture quality.
It can be used in principle as a wireless slave, but not with the
built in camera flash - it fires on the built-in flash's pre-flash.
If you have another non-P-TTL flash unit, you can use it as a
master to trigger the slave.
The manual says it should produce only 80 flashes on a set of fresh
alkaline batteries. I used a set of 2000mAh NiMH, shot 250 flash
pictures, and they are still going strong.

Overall, I'm very happy with this unit, even though it has a few
quirks, mentioned above. Looking at the specs, I believe it is
identical to the Soligor DG-420 Z mentioned above.

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Re: Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

Hi all.
I'm a newbie from Brisbane, Australia.
I picked up a Pentax K100D 3 months ago - great investment.

But being an amateur on a novice budget (still a student), I was even cringing when I clicked the Buy now button for a Digital Concepts 736AF flash unit. I've read Guy's review on the 936AF, which is appealing, but I had one major issue with mine that I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with...

I bought the flash for its bounce capability. Hoping it would adjust flash intensity when I tilted the head, I was disappointed that the bounced shots came out very under-exposed. I bumped up the Flash Exposure Compensation to +1.0, but that made it worse. After a while, I thought to try the other way, going to -2.0, and it actually improved the exposure. Any logic in this?

The 736AF was claimed by the sellers to be P-TTL just like the 936AF, but I'm finding this is only true for direct flash. Is there something I'm missing or is this an engineering glitch with this flash gun?


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Rear Curtain

Without starting a new thread on this, I was wondering about the rear curtain flash sync options on an istDS. It seems like it's only usable with an external flash that supports this feature? Manual says it supports it with the Pentax flashes. Will it also be supported with the Soligor or Digital Concepts flash? Or Sigmas? Or any of the older TTL flashes?

I didn't think much about the rear curtain until the other day, when I wanted to try something out, only to realise that I wasn't able to find the option in the camera lol!

Anyone that can enlighten me on this? :).

Mmm tempted to start one of those "ultimate flash threads" but since the replies are limited to 150 posts already... and there's no option for stickies yet... :p.

I'm sure the site will be changed "soon" though :).

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Digital Concepts PTTL flash and *istDS - HELP!

I have the 952AF/Pen but this flash doesn't seem to work correctly with my *istDS. It's too technical for a newbie like me, so likely operator error. I've searched in vain for instructions on using this flash with the camera, so at the risk of sounding really stupid, can you tell me:

1.When mounted on my camera, should my camera flash settings be on auto or manual?

2, Is there a reason that the "auto OK" light never comes on - is there a setting I'm overlooking on either the flash or the camera?

3. I was told on another foum that this flash likely will work with the *istDS only on fully manual mode, not on AV, TV, or any program mode. Is that true?

4. After setting my iso, f/stop, zoom, etc. on my camera, do I also have to set it on the flash to make it work correctly?

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Re: Digital Concepts PTTL flash and *istDS - HELP!
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Re: Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

Hi, I THOUGHT I was buying the Pentax 450 TTL flash as an accessory for my new Pentax K2000D, but apparently I wasn't specific and adamant enough with TriState Camera, so they sent me the 952AF/PEN Digital Concepts TTL Flash. It has the features, but the build quality, is well, let's just say it is indifferent at best.

I have already called TriState, and they will take it back and send me the Pentax 450, but before I send back, has anyone used the Digital Concepts 952AF Zoom/TTL Flash on their flash and actually been happy with it ?


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