My very flexible Macro flashbracket

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My very flexible Macro flashbracket

I bought some RAM parts ( ) and made a new, very flexible, flashbracket.

It looks a bit like the Wimberley macro bracket ( ), but just a bit cheaper.

Here are the part numbers I have used:

2x RAM-B-237 one on both end, for the tripod collar and the off camera cord, it is a 1/4" male threaded ball (standard camera/camcorder screw)
2x RAM-B-201-A the shortest arms
1x RAM-B-230 double ball to connect the arms.

They have lots of parts so you can make whatever you like.

Here are some pictures:

Here are the RAM parts put together.
Two of the smallest arms (6cm).

On a normal bracket, if you have no tripodcollar.

On the MP-E 65mm I screwed it on the tripod collar, making it very compact and in balance.

At 1:1, the lens is very short.
I can set the flash in almost any direction.

At 3:1

At 5:1 lens is very long but still no problem.

Butch10x Contributing Member • Posts: 789

is that a premade diffuser? or did u make it?

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Re: diffuser?

Haha, people keep asking about the diffuser.
It's homemade.
Made out of a cooling bag, those bags with aluminium inside.

The front is tin white fabric I found.
Sewed it myself (no mother/wife needed)

It's very flexible too and quite durable.
You can squeeze it in almost every tiny space.

anomie75 Regular Member • Posts: 191
Re: My very flexible Macro flashbracket


This looks great. Thanks for providing the info. I purchased the EF 100mm f/2.8 macro for my 30d and am looking for something similar to what you've got. This lens, however, doesn't have a tripod collar. Do you recommend just one of the RAM-B-237 parts?

Is this easy enough for a girl to put together Not sure I'm very mechanically inclined.
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anomie75 Regular Member • Posts: 191

Oops, my bad. It makes sense to have both not one of those parts. D'oh!

Looks simple actually. One question. How do you get part B237 to screw onto the hot shoe cord? Is that a plate/adapter of sorts?

colacat Contributing Member • Posts: 549
Re: My very flexible Macro flashbracket

wow.... it's definitely the best!!

could I ask how heavy is your bracket? how much you've spent on this thing in total??

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Re: My very flexible Macro flashbracket

Thank you for posting this, I just asked yesterday on the Pentax forum if there was any type of DYI bracket setup that would work for macro and here you have done exactly what I was envisioning ( I thought about a goose neck lamp kinda thingy (+; )
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BMA Senior Member • Posts: 1,087
Novoflex has Gooseneck arms for flash bracket (nt)
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