NIKON Super Challenge #4 - Red

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Lonely red

Ole Thorsen


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Red Elmo

Elmo- in a holiday parade

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alcain Forum Member • Posts: 73
Re: NIKON Super Challenge #4 - Red

Nikon D80 with home made lens adapter (100mm) with an EL-NIKKOR 50mm enlarging lens mounted. F11 2". Red Thread... al

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Re: Challenge rules

Wojtas wrote:

Either embed your image in the thread or, if you MUST, supply a
link to it. Keep in mind, however, most people don't want to click
to open photos hosted elsewhere (i.e. on your website).

I have done linking (URL) without a hitch, I prefer direct embedding.

And how do you embed a picture? I'm glad you asked:

1. While your photo on Pbase (or any other web site) is open, copy
the URL address from the address box on your tool bar, then paste
it into your reply thread. Add a .jpg extension to get the photo to
show up. Click on preview to make sure it's what you want.


2. Right click on the image in Pbase (or where ever you've hosted
it), click on "Properties"... highlight the link with the .jpg
extension on it and paste it into your message text.

What about photos not posted in any web host. How do I embed into the thread photos directly from, say a thumb drive or a CD?


TheronFamily Forum Pro • Posts: 19,983

we dont suspect something as underhanded as that happening, unless it was your intention of course.

rather, logic would say that the OP (host) will select your First entry only, and ignore the rest.

.photoholic. - incurable -
some pics:
more pics:

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Hung Up

First post here in quite a while... it's nice to be back

obx_shooter Regular Member • Posts: 418
Lookin' Up

imonk Senior Member • Posts: 1,082
Red and green SHOULD be seen

Great photos all.


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Ajit Rudrangi Forum Member • Posts: 73

D80 + 17-55 f4 ISO 200 1/50s

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Ajit Rudrangi Forum Member • Posts: 73
Red Rose

D80+17-55 f4 ISO 450 1/30s

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Ajit Rudrangi Forum Member • Posts: 73

D80+17-55 f5.6 ISO200 1/60s

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Vince T Senior Member • Posts: 2,318
question Re: Challenge rules

Does the photo need to be taken with D80/D70/D50/D40?

How about D200.

Also, is there a date in which u should've taken the photo ? i.e. can i submit a photo from 2001?

Vince from Toronto

Ellar Contributing Member • Posts: 909
Red and dead

This was a very run down building in Ireland

or maybe this one for it's monochrome effect. The pics are in order of preference.

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Connor Roelke Senior Member • Posts: 1,039
Re: Redd's Pond

Wow! The reflections are outstanding!

Ben Yeh Senior Member • Posts: 1,453
Re: Redd's Pond

Shanghai Opera: red colors and communist red.

Exposure mode: Manual
Metering Mode: center weight
Exposure time: 0.0050 s (1/200)
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal length: 185.0mm
ISO: 800
Flash: No
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Re: NIKON Super Challenge #4 - Red

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Stephen Keith Regular Member • Posts: 221
My Entry on red

Big Donnie Brasco Regular Member • Posts: 275
My RED version......................

This was a chance encounter whilst driving through the country last summer

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Classic Red

Classic Cherry Red vette.


Long time viewer and pbase supporter...

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