trying out AlienSkin Snap Art

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trying out AlienSkin Snap Art

Tonight I tried out AlienSkin Snap Art plugin for photoshop, very impressive I think, it has several different paint and sketch styles and each style has quite a few brush and paint effects for landscapes, portraits and what not. You can adjust the brush effects, highlights, brightness and so on. In my opinion, this is really a great plugin for digital art work. Here are 4 photos I played around with a little to show some of what this plugin can do. I guess I'm fixing to get a little poorer, because I'm buying thsi one for sure, I really like what this plugin can do.

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Why buy Snap Art unless you're a Mac user?

If you are a Mac user, Snap Art makes sense to me, but not if you're using a PC. See my reasoning here:

Your first example can be replicated using a Posterize or Cutout-like filter, common in most programs. The rest can be replicated using Impressionist settings.

If you haven't pulled the $$ trigger yet, give the Impressionist plugin a go. I'll be glad to help you with the settings.

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Re: Why buy Snap Art unless you're a Mac user?

I'm not a Mac user and never will be, I have Impressionist and its too limited in what it does in my opinion, of course some things can be copied with other plugins and if you get down to it, just about every thing various plugins can be done in photoshop without using plugins, but the point of plugins is in the ease of use. I do a lot of digital art and have just about every program there are, that's a benifit of working for a publisher I guess. But in my opinion and this is only my opinion,Snap Art is one of the best plugins I have used so far as far as digital art goes, its not perfect, but for the options it offers, it outclasses everything else. That's just my opinion and nothing more. I really like Snap Art and for me, it outclasses everything else I have tried. I can see your reasoning, but Snap Art does what i need it to easily and fast and for me it works. Thanks for your suggestions, but in this case we'll have to agree to disagree.

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Re: Why buy Snap Art unless you're a Mac user?

Not to put Impressionist down (it is a great program), but I don't think you can say that Impressionist can do everything Snap Art does. I actually worked on the development team (I work for Alien Skin) so I know what it is doing under the hood.

Snap Art does edge detecting and places broad strokes based on large image structures (Impressionist only follows local image features as far as I can tell). We try to implement a lot of sophisticated techniques that people here on the forum use. And even though Snap Art can't replace a person skilled in using the History Brush or other interactive techniques, I don't think you can achieve the same effects with Impressionist (unless you were to combine it with other techniques).

Snap Art has a modern UI and previewing system. It also allows the user to tweak the image colors, lighting and canvas parameters on the fly. Sure, these are effects you can achieve using Photoshop but because it is all integrated in a single program, it is easier and quicker with Snap Art (you can preview your tweaks without having to undo an adjustment layer or re-running an action).

I think Impressionist does great things but Snap Art does great things in a different way. Download a fully functioning demo version and try it out (works for 30 days).


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Re: trying out AlienSkin Snap Art

Snap Art seems to do a very nice job. Thanks for sharing.


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