Binocular Recomendations?

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0tim0 Regular Member • Posts: 218
Binocular Recomendations?

Ok, I know this is a camera board, but you're the only friends I have

I'm off to Africa this Saturday with my D80 and a bag full of lenses. On the way in to work this morning I realized I should get some binoculars to bring along.

This may be too broad a question, but: any recomendations?


cre108 Contributing Member • Posts: 787
Re: Binocular Recomendations?

I like my Nikon Travelite V

sharp, bright, cheap(ish), and small

digiworm Regular Member • Posts: 487
Re: Binocular Recomendations?

bosch & lomb 10x42..very crisp and bright

OP 0tim0 Regular Member • Posts: 218
Re: Binocular Recomendations?

Well, B&H was out of stock on that one, but their "Top Seller" (yes, I am a sucker) was in the same family from Nikon:

8-24x25 Travelite V Zoom Porro Prism Binocular

A little more reach and an adjustable zoom. I hope the optics are as good.

Thanks for your help!

genece Forum Pro • Posts: 15,435
Re: Binocular Recomendations?

If you have not already purchased a set the Nikon Action Extreme series are very nice glasses.
From Western PA.

Panasonic FZ 20 and FZ30
D50 and lenses.

Just trying to learn and it's slow going!

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biniky New Member • Posts: 6
Re: Binocular Recomendations?

I just love my Nikon Monarch 8 X 42.

Have a good trip.

Barry Carter Veteran Member • Posts: 4,370
Re: Binocular Recomendations?

I use the William Optics 8 x 42mm APO bino's. Very nice eye relief for eyeglass wearers, and very compact for traveling. My vote goes for them.


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thighslapper New Member • Posts: 12
Re: Binocular Recomendations?

If you have deep pockets.... swarovski El 10x42 are stunning... bomb proof, reasonably compact and have an image quality to die for.

Optolyth Alpin 10x40's are a lot cheaper, great quality for the money and very light and easy to use. I have both and would never part with either ! Tried lots of others, but preferred these!. have a great trip. steve

den did Regular Member • Posts: 139
If you want good optics/great price...

Look into (pun intended) getting a pair of Leupold Wind River series. I have the Mesa model & like them better then my Nikons or Buchnell. Price is under $200 USD & I beleave is the best value you can get.
Don't have any financial interest, etc., yada, yada,yada....

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