Another EOS 40D rumour

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Re: D80 vs XTi NOT the 30D

Hellashot wrote:

So many people are wrong in comparing Canon and nikon cameras
against the wrong model. It happens:

200d vs. 5D - wrong: 200d vs. 20/30D
d80 vs. 30D - wrong: d80 vs. XT/XTi

Somehow I see this more that according to price points
400D is between D50 and D80 and can be compared with either
D80 is between 400D and 30D and can be compared with either
30D is between D80 and D200 and can be compared with either
D200 is between 30D and 5D and can be compared with either

So why limits the comparisons?

There is no need to be "fair" in comparisons - you can if so wish compare a 5MP P&S against 1Ds2. Some "results" may though not make much sense.

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Re: Muddler

Muddler wrote:

you do see higher noise.

Actually up to 1600 I don´t... But then again this test must be flawed :^) ...

Anyway, I don't see the point in a comparison between the D80 and
the 30D.

Well, I think there may be a point: there´re lot of samples floating around to compare XTi and D80 which show they are close... there´re also lot of opinions (tests too?) floating around that 20D/30D is far better in iso department than XTi... so, I think despite being in different lines people want to see how D80 compares to 20D/30D ... And I´m pretty sure there´re lot of people choosing a DSRL(system!!!) today who would never ever consider XTi as an option after handled 20/30D and D80 ... Isn´t 20D and 30D equal in noise department ... Isn´t 20D about the same price as D80 ... your´re buing a system ...

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Re: Muddler

jankanpaa wrote:

Doesn´t look that bad for being a Nikon cam...

No news. Already in D50 Nikon was able to push noise low by putting NR in the camera FW.

But actualy I do not think the noise level is the problem, but the loss of system resolving power i.e. how much details are left in the high-ISO images. And there the NR does not help, but actually makes things worse. Only way to have both clean AND SHARP high ISO is to have a low noise in the images from the sensor.

Why don´t you just relax man... Nikon improving (?) its high iso
performance doesn´t make you a worse photographer, does it ... Nor
quoting Ansel Adams a better one...

Muddler wrote:
Was that "how good" or "how bad?" What I saw were samples showing
the same old higher noise levels for Nikon.

I'm not sure why it remains to be seen which sensor is better. The
results are out there. Nikon has slighly more MP and more noise.
If you shoot only in well lit areas, go for Nikon if you otherwise
like it.

But the comparison of the D80 with the 30D? That seems odd.
Better comparison is D80 with 400D.

thereur wrote:

I don't know that it's that hard. Yes, there is a bit of static,
but the first I saw a link of samples showing how good the D80 at
high ISO, was here on the Canon board. I'd say the majority of
posts have good tips on comparing.

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