Battery Grip Question

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joejohnson Forum Member • Posts: 58
Battery Grip Question

How often does you battery grip come off your camera? Or, do you leave it attached and shoot with it all the time ?

bongo Senior Member • Posts: 1,675
Re: Battery Grip Question

got my grip about a year ago, put it on and have NEVER taken it off.

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jdoo Senior Member • Posts: 2,962
Re: Battery Grip Question

Same as Bongo. Put it on when I got it - never has come off. Frankly, it would be a pain in the butt to do it often (I imagine). Anyway, it changes the feel of the camera to the better IMHO, so I never have taken it off.

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Jordan Wilberding Regular Member • Posts: 161
I never take mine off either (n/t)


vizwiz Regular Member • Posts: 388
Re: I never take mine off either (n/t)

I've only had it on a couple of weeks, but I'm pretty sure it's never going to come off unless I am on some ultra-slim expedition like needing to fit the rebel under a ski parka.

L.Cline Senior Member • Posts: 2,775
Re: Battery Grip Question

Mine went on the day it arrived and never came off either.

G. Gray
G. Gray Veteran Member • Posts: 4,535
Hate to swim upstream on this , BUT....

Maybe I bought the grip for a bad reason. I thought having extra batteries available in the grip would be a good reason. NOT so.
The batteries last so long that having extras in grip is not necessary.

Soooooo, I leave mine off , all the time. The battery lasts forever and I keep a couple of spares in my camera bag.

If anybody asks me ,,,,, I say ,,,, forget the grip ,,, buy a couple of spare batteries. The grip is a waste of money. To take portaits , I just turn camera, no Problem....

joejohnson wrote:

How often does you battery grip come off your camera? Or, do you
leave it attached and shoot with it all the time ?

Jonah Garoutte Regular Member • Posts: 273
Never . . .

I've never taken it off . . . I love it!!!!!

Steve Cohan Senior Member • Posts: 1,837
Become a millionaire...sell your grip on eBay!! NT


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dennis tennis Veteran Member • Posts: 3,783
Re: Almost always on

I take it off only when I need to have the smallest foot print possible. Usually, this means a small lens such as a Zeiss 28mm or Canon 50mm

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if I made sense, I'm sorry

Oak and Acorn Veteran Member • Posts: 6,124
Stays on all the time (nt)
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Oak & Acorn

G. Gray
G. Gray Veteran Member • Posts: 4,535
Re: Become a millionaire...sell your grip on eBay!! NT

You are probabely right, good advice.

skanter Forum Pro • Posts: 22,230
Re: Battery Grip Question

Took it off the day I got it -- and returned it. made the XT too heavy and cumbersome.
Sam Kanter, NYC

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monopoly Forum Member • Posts: 63
Re: Battery Grip Question

Mine stays on most of the time - if you're using big lenses the handling experience is much better. If i need a compact camera i can take it off - but it stays on most of the time.
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Logar Regular Member • Posts: 135
Always on :) (n/t)
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Mark Goergen Regular Member • Posts: 120
Re: Battery Grip Question

I only take mine off when it's mounted to my telescope. I don't want the extra weight way back there.

Mark Goergen

EJHz34 Regular Member • Posts: 227
Re: Battery Grip Question

I take mine off when I travel to keep things light and so that I can easily fit it in my backpack. I have a Zing case that I modified (Sewed on two straps with a clip) so that it'll fit my XT with Sigma 17-70. Other than that, the grip's always on. Don't forget to try out the Hakuba strap with it. When I first got the strap before I got the grip I didnt like it at all. I have big hands and it just didnt feel right. Once I tried it with the grip tho, it's worlds better! Fits and works great!

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JimMc Senior Member • Posts: 2,882
Re: Battery Grip Question

Don't use mine much. I like to trave light and find the grip way too bulky.

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Bob Sakamano Regular Member • Posts: 308
had it sold it

Had one, sold it.

The portrait orientation is helpful, but not so much so. And 2 batteries are 2 batteries whether you use them in series or parallel.

I guess if you really really need a portrait orientation shutter release, it is useful, but otherwise irrelevant. $150 could be better spent I think, on a good ballhead, towards a tripod, or heaven forbid, some new glass
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Stevil Senior Member • Posts: 1,489
No IS lenses?

I assume that you have no lenses with IS...they use a little more juice, and make the battery grip very worthwhile.

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