Sorting photos by time taken

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Sorting photos by time taken

I have a D200 and D70 and switch back and forth in the course of a job. When i return to my computer i want to put all the photos together, sort by the time the photo was taken, then rename them sequentially. Unfortunately, non-Nikon programs don't seem to be able to read properly the time the .NEF photo was taken. I read somewhere that Nikon has an odd EXIF structure and that this might cause the problem. Does anyone have a work-around?

Many thanks.


Lou Tent Veteran Member • Posts: 3,595
Re: Sorting photos by time taken

Hi Bill,

I use Bridge to rename NEF's by date+time.


tensai Contributing Member • Posts: 625
Re: Sorting photos by time taken

bridge or iview media pro should let you do this.

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OP bgillies Regular Member • Posts: 209
Hi Lou

I didn't know Bridge could do this. I will check it out asap.



Mark Estrada Contributing Member • Posts: 921
Why don't you just transfer using Nikon Transfer or ACDSee

I don't know if this will work for the D200 and D70, but the original Nikon Transfer that came with Nikon View would allow one to rename the files during transfer from card to computer hard drive. One could select to rename the file by shooting date and time. So for D2h, D1h and even 1D2 images, I would make sure the camera date and times are synchronized and after the shoot, just put the CF cards into the card reader and have Nikon Transfer rename the files during upload. This way they'd be automatically sorted.

Alternatively, ACDsee 7.0 can be used:

1. Highlight the names of all the files to be renamed
2. Right click and click on rename
3. Select Template tab and check ise Template to rename files
4. Click on Insert Metadata and under choose properties check
EXIF -> Camera -> Date/Time

This will put Template: in the template box

5. Click Start Rename

the end result is that all the files will be renamed in the following format

6-12-2006 1-23-45 PM.NEF

mm-dd-year hours-minutes-seconds M.

The downside is that it doesn't do it in 24 hour clock. However, one can use the rest of ACDsee's rename features to convert everything back to military time in order to get things in true chronologic order.

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Re: Sorting photos by time taken

I have been using multiple digital Nikon cameras at wedding for the past few years and once had the same issue. After reading the comments from several Dpreview posters I took their advice and tried Downloader Pro. It is an outstanding program for moving files and renaming them using a variety of parameters, one being time stamp. I have my wedding files renamed to a 6 digit number – hours (24 hour clock) – minutes – seconds. I then point out to the B&G that the photo number is also the exact time the image was captured - They love it.

Happy Shootin’


jfriend00 Forum Pro • Posts: 12,020
Bridge can sort by Date/Time photo taken

Sort by "date created" in Adobe Bridge. I've used this myself when putting all the pictures together from multiple cameras at a school talent show and it worked great for putting them in true sequential order.

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I second Downloader Pro

I have set up Downloader Pro to copy and rename files when I insert the memory card into card reader. Images are copied into folders carrying the date the actual picture was taken, and images are named with date and time + a sequential number. Like: originals/20060613/im20060613_083510_3.nef

This makes it very easy for me to find a photo by date and time. The rest is taken care of in iview media pro.


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Tom Holz Junior Member • Posts: 42
A quickie fix

I use the windows browser. Click on the "View" tab at the top of the page and drag down to the "Choose Details" button and make sure that the "Date Picture Taken" is checked, then when you click on the "Arrange Icons by” one of your options will be "Date Picture Taken". In order to have these options the folder you have open has to full of image files.

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