Thank You Kodakians, One and All

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Thank You Kodakians, One and All

Firstly and foremost - no need to answer this post and prolong what happened but I have to say that all those wonderful comments about me brought tears to my eyes . . . but then again it coulda been my allergies. I showed them to "She Who Must Be Obeyed" before they were obliterated and she was touched . . . or is the word "tetched?" In any event she immediately said "This doesn't get you out of the housework."

But seriously Kodakians, the reason I am back is without question due to the efforts of Dave and the rest of you. For that you have my thanks but that doesn't mean I have to start being nice. It is way to late for that. For those of you who keep asking "why I was banned"- Here's the story - I am not answering this in the form of a complaint ( if big brother is watching) but to be helpful to the rest of you so you don't fall into that trap. Apparently the forum is programmed that when certain words are used that the administrators deem inappropriate a red flag goes up and you get banned. I think this is a good thing if a four letter word is used because it is a family forum. I must say that in one of my answers about Jen's pictures I used a five letter word that is in the dictionary and that my six year old nieces know. But as someone remarked "You don't argue with your landlord." The landlord also let it be known that the actions of my "friends" was appalling. Again, if someone in authority is is reading this I want them to know that I am extremely distressed, annoyed, angered, bitter and vexed over the appalling action of my "friends."

I was thinking of starting a new guessing game called "What's the five letter word?" but thought better of it. I might wind up being the only Kodakian left on this forum.

Thanks again one and all.

I don't necessarily agree with everything I say.

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Re: Thank You Kodakians, One and All
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David Davies - Fred, some years ago now with my old computer, an article that was sent to by Email failed to arrive. Checking later I found it had been returned to sender because it contained the words "cock bird". Took a while to sort out and no apology. Just few days ago in the Daily Telegraph it was reported that an objection by email to a planning application had not arrived because the Council's screening software had rejected it. Apparently the software didn't like the term "I object to the "errection" of this building".

I could go on, but the forum is about photography and associated subjects.

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I heard about that on the radio Dave...

what is this world coming too...soon we will filter out the words love and kisses. Good to see you back Fred. I have been off the forum for about 3 weeks...have had non stop company and my sister moved up near me so I was helping her.....I was very upset when I saw what was happening to you. Glad every thing has worked out, but now I am afraid to send theads without spell check, i might include that 5 letter word by accident. Again, welcome back.


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I'm going to really enjoy....

.....seeing Australia win back the Cricket Ashes this coming summer....BPB's :)))
Cheers - Rob

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David Davies - No way.

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Re: Thank You Kodakians, One and All

I dont need to tell anyone on this forum that we have been like a close family for a long time, this has to be the best run forums I have been involved with for the few years I have been on the internet.

I was thrilled to see so many of our members here stick together in an effort to get one of our favourite Sons back, I cant think of many forums where members would go to the trouble of what was done here by the membership.

Part of this I believe is due to the fact that people here give and take, the other part is that Phil had the forsight to make sure rude/crude language was stopped on his forum, I know what our Favourite Son said was not a filthy word, I could never imagine him swearing on this forum.

I do think a lesson has been learned here, I would suggest people do not swear, even in the mildest form or describe the anatomy of a persons private parts on this forum.

On closing it is nice to have you back Fred, also Phil if you read this thread Thank You for your kindness and consideration.

God Bless

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Re: Thank You Kodakians, One and All

We're just happy that you're back big guy!
Kim VH

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Fred - Sorry for the late resonse.

Fred -

This is a late response because I don't frequent this forum that much anymore even though I do enjoy it.

I am sorry that I did not know of your predicament sooner so I could put my 2 cents in to Phil. You have always been a gentleman and you have sometimes taken abuse that others would not have been so gracious as you with their responses.

I find it hard to believe that you were banned from this forum and am saddened by the thought that good people like you get axed while some pretty slimey characters continue with their ranting, raving and general ill manners. If it was a glitch from a computer word tagging program. as indicated in the prior responses, then Phil needs to get it fixed. However, to blame the victim here by claiming that your friends are using poor behavior because they needed to defend you is rather nuts. If they hadn't reacted as they did, you would still be silenced and no one would have known why.

I don't expect much but I hope Phil swallows his pride and apologizes to you for his mistake. The forum members would certainly view Phil in a better light if he did.

Tom S.

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