Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF

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B18 Regular Member • Posts: 451
Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF

Hi all,

Just want to let you know there is another bad apple in eBAY.

Recently I bought a Sandisk Ultra II CF 2 GB from this seller

Unsuspecting because some ebay seller charges A LOT for shipping I thought this is a fair price [AUD 90 ~ USD 70] for a 2GB Sandisk U2.
Why I thought its fair ?

Because back in Indonesia, Sandisk distributor has been dumping the Extreme 3 for a very sweet price [USD 90-100] hence I thought maybe the U2 price has dropped too.

After the card arrived I plug it into my D2H for a test drive. Amazingly after I format it, the remaining frame is 326 whilst my other 1 year old Sandisk U2 2GB card shows 318.

After googling around for 'fake sandisk ultra card' I found that my card MIGHT be a GOOD fake

Then I emailed Sandisk support and within 24 hours they confirm that my card is not theirs and I should ask for a refund.

No problem there, but now my seller has a serious explaining to do.

btw .. the s/n is ASS0605DH incase someone is interested.

regards, Bob
Sydney, Australia

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Reeferjon New Member • Posts: 9
Re: Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF

Yep mine bought last week from an Amazon dealer is exactly the same also fake....trying to get money back now.

S/no should be on the card not on the lable, also the TM mark is on the logo twice.....what tipped me was the fact that the labels are actualy on back to front....the front label is on the back!

RacerXRed Regular Member • Posts: 207
Re: Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF

I bought one as well, final shipped price was $68. Card came in a Sandisk box, had no serial number and a hologram sticker on the back along with a TM by the CF logo on back. I used the card, the images came up on the review screen saying "Corrupted Data". I informed the seller, returned the card, and asked for a refund. When they got the card in the mail they refunded my account. Now I just buy them from local retailers or web places like NewEgg.com.

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OP B18 Regular Member • Posts: 451
Re: Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF

The problem is .. the card looks all genuine.

What tipped me off is the fact the total capacity increases by 8 images [from 318 to 326] and the serial number is not on the side like my previous 2GB Sandisk-s are.

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irish-george Senior Member • Posts: 1,464
Sandisk 4GB CF Ultra II for 127.99AR

from Fry's Outpost (www.outpost.com) -- the price before rebate is 159.99. Those should be legit cards.

RacerXRed Regular Member • Posts: 207
$84 shipped from NewEgg.com - Authorized Retailer (NT)
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irish-george Senior Member • Posts: 1,464
Link please??? I only found it there for $40 MORE (link attached)


I'd love to pick up more at the price you posted (4GB)...

Jonathan Mayhew Regular Member • Posts: 350
Re: Link please??? I only found it there for $40 MORE (link attached)

Glad I saw this post. I have just been looking on ebay and wondered why there were so many cheap CF cards. Most of them are from Hong Kong even if they do say they are located in the UK.... dead giveaway!

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PerfectPoms Senior Member • Posts: 2,208
Me too

I bought a fake Sandisk card over a year ago. I say it is fake because it is WAY slower than the other Sandisk cards I have. I was so unhappy I e-mailed all the other buyers of this guys cards, and none of them knew enough to be aware of the problem. Everybody just said their cards were OK.

I think it is hard to spot fakes because the card I bought had complete packaging exactly like what you buy in the store.

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digitalmoose New Member • Posts: 24
Re: Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF

Have you reported this to ebay? This seller should be banned from ebay since you have hard evidence and confirmation from Sandisk. Sandisk has built a reputable name, it shouldn't be damaged by someone selling fake cards under the Sandisk name.

Here's the page to report problems on ebay:


kaledi New Member • Posts: 11
Re: Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF


I've just bought a Ultra II 4GB off eBay and suddenly became paranoid that the card was a fake.

I've managed to register the serial number at Sandisk therefore can I conclude that my card is genuine? The serial number is on the thin side to the rear of the card. Has anyone been able to register a fake card?
I think I might email Sandisk all the same and describe the card I have.

I've tested the card and in write speed (both in Camera and in a card reader), the 4GB card is about 40% slower than my 2GB Ultra II.

Could this be something to do with the fact that the 4GB card is using the FAT32 file system and the fact that it is that much bigger. Or are there inter batch differences anyway?

linuxworks Forum Pro • Posts: 18,937
Re: Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF

its just not worth buying flash from ebay, anymore.

I helped someone troubleshoot an odd problem on a 'sandisk ultra2' they bought. when writing tiff files, it would hose the data. jpg was fine (shorter burst of data, not a sustained write like a tiff file from a cam would be). that's tip-off #1.

there was no serial # or a fake on on back.

hologram was not as good as it should be.

and finally, the card-id program showed it was not a sandisk.

its just NOT worth saving $10 (or so) to get a funky card. get one ONLY from real retailers (newegg, BH, outpost, etc etc).

I guess if I was sandisk right now, I'd be flattered due to all the people trying to copy me

I wonder if anyone could setup a sting and really put these losers in jail? make some legal agreement that if the card doesn't pass card-id tests, that the seller legally owes you 2x the refund or something like that. (any lawyers here?)

it would make me smile ear to ear to know that these guys got what's coming to them. they've been pulling this 'stuff' for too long now and nothing seems to be done about it ;(

I just wish one of these fakers would sell a bogus card to a judge or laywer. I'd buy a ticket to THAT event, I would

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kaledi New Member • Posts: 11
Re: Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF

Hi, I've been searching for a card ID programme, can you point me in the direction of some suitable software. This should confirm if my card is genuine.

linuxworks Forum Pro • Posts: 18,937
Re: Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF

the last time I had to care about it, I used a garmin PDA (gps) and it was CRITICAL that we used ONLY pany brand flash (ie, the internal chips). all others - even the great sandisk had problems with the garmin ique. that was the main reason we (users) had to learn about card-id - so that we could buy only pany flash (3 makers: toshiba, pany and sandisk. ALL others are just built by someone else but the internals only come from 3 sources. for sd-card, at least).

so I would think a pilot or pda would have a card-id feature on it.

or check the PDA groups and see if they have a recommendation on something that dumps internal card registers and shows manuf-id and all that neat stuff.

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cwoav8r New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF

I got bit too... I should have known better for the price. When I received the card I got a little suspicious after comparing it to my 1gb card. I ran the serial number on the fake card "ASS0605DH" through Google and it led me here.

I purchased from this seller:

The sellers always act as if they are not aware they are selling fakes. I contacted him through the paypal dispute process and told him it was counterfeit. His response was "If the card is defective please return for exchange" My reply was that I would return the card and expect a full refund. We shall see if he refunds my money...

I won't make that mistake twice...

LTP Contributing Member • Posts: 893
DO NOT return the fake card ....

Whatever you do, DO NOT return the "counterfeit" card until you got the refund. The counterfeit card is your ONLY insurance to get your money back and prosecute the crook. This has happened to someone I know he returned the card, but never got his money back as promised. Buyers BEWARE. this seller ( digital_yards aka shbadaoui ) also sold COUNTERFEIT / FAKE cards on ebay Australia:


steveinvictoria Regular Member • Posts: 253
Most Sandisk II CF cards on Ebay are fake...

I sent e-mails to a number of the Ebay sellers asking if their Sandisk II CF 2 GB and 4 GB cards are genuine. They either didn't answer, or said something to the effect, "I sell what I'm sent by my supplier" which of course avoids answering the question. Nearly all of them are fake -- there are a few that say "genuine" or "not fake" in their description, but they are generally closer to what you'd pay retail.

donhon Regular Member • Posts: 105
Re: Most Sandisk II CF cards on Ebay are fake...

Now you've got me worried!

I'm waiting delivery of a Sandisk 1GB SD card purchased from YYFS 22 a week ago. It's in the mail so I should know in the next few days if it's genuine or not.
Thanks for the post and the clues for identifying if it's genuine.

Regards, Don.

steveinvictoria Regular Member • Posts: 253
Re: Most Sandisk II CF cards on Ebay are fake...

I'm waiting delivery of a Sandisk 1GB SD card purchased from YYFS
22 a week ago. It's in the mail so I should know in the next few
days if it's genuine or not.

Would you let us know Don? I'll watch here to see what you find. (I'm looking to buy a couple of Sandisk II 2 Gig cards....)

Thanks, Steve

Jim Bahn Regular Member • Posts: 111
Re: Most Sandisk II CF cards on Ebay are fake...

I think I've just discovered a fake 1GB UltraII CF card. The counterfeiter didn't even bother to put a serial number on it. I didn't realize it until the card failed, and I lost some irreplaceable pictures.

On a related subject, I've had numerous problems with brand X CF cards over the years, so I went with SanDisk for safety. Well, a had a legitimate card fail, and now this counterfeit. My strategy going forward is to use nothing bigger than a 512GB card, preferring 256. That way, I'll only lose a PORTION of a vacation, family reunion, etc.

Here's a link on fakes that you might find helpful: http://reviews.ebay.com/How-to-spot-COUNTERFEIT-SanDisk-Compact-Flash-Cards_W0QQugidZ10000000001235396

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