ADIDT R3 RF Trigger

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Steve Ridges Senior Member • Posts: 1,086
ADIDT R3 RF Trigger

Hi everyone. I just received my ADIDT R3 camera trigger and I thought I'd give you some feedback on it. I got it from eBay

for $100 + shipping. It arrived in 2 days and it appears to be a well made unit with a couple of nice extras.

You get the receiver, transmitter, charger, and bag. The receiver connects to the camera via the 10 pin socket. The plug just presses in and is a tight fit and seems pretty secure. After attaching the device, it can work in 1 of 3 modes:

Normal mode works just like a regular remote. The receiver has a 2 stage release just like the camera. Halfway down does AF and a complete press releases the shutter.

Time mode. You set the camera to bulb and when you move the receiver's switch to T, the shutter releases. It stays open until you switch it back to N.

Remote mode. This is what I bought it for. When you switch it to "R", a small LED on the bottom turns on to show you that it's "listening" for a signal. The remote is no bigger that a car remote and has a small telescoping antenna. It also has the 2 stage shutter button and a small green LED that comes on with the half press and gets even brighter with a full press. On the receiver itself, there is a blue LED that comes on when the device issues the signal to trip the shutter. That way, if nothing happens, you know if the signal was received or not. The reason I mention this is because when I was playing with it, if the camera is in Focus Priority and you don't have a lock, you don't get a picture. It was easy to figure out what was going on as I could see the blue LED so I know the problem was with the camera, not the remote. As far as distance goes, it seems great. I didn't measure exact distance but it triggers just fine in the second floor of my house when I'm in the basement.

On the back of the receiver, there 5 small green LEDs that show the battery level. The instructions say a full charge should last 100 hours in R mode and 200 in T mode.

I'm very happy with it and it seems like a great alternative to the more expensive Pocket Wizards. If you need to remotely trigger your camera, check it out!

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Jola013 Senior Member • Posts: 1,851
Anyone Else With a View On This ?

Would be useful to get more comments.

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kramp Senior Member • Posts: 2,647
Re: Anyone Else With a View On This ?

I have one and like it, its well made and good value, others I know that have them like it also.

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Zane Paxton Veteran Member • Posts: 6,947
Thanks for the link

Steve Ridges wrote:

Hi everyone. I just received my ADIDT R3 camera trigger and I
thought I'd give you some feedback on it. I got it from eBay

Thanks for the link, I just bought one. I have one of their "cable" releases (10 pin Nikon socket type) and have had no complaints.


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Kerry Pierce
Kerry Pierce Forum Pro • Posts: 19,757
interesting wireless remote

Thanks for posting the link. I use the mc-30, but I can envision a few times that a wireless remote would be beneficial.

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Roland Wooster Senior Member • Posts: 2,295
I like mine too - additional use for the T-mode

I'm pleased with mine (although it's an extra set of bulk to carry around, I still wish Nikon would support the ML-L3 with the D200) but anyway I digress.

The T mode is also useful for when you're shooting in bracket mode, set the shutter to CL or CH and the T-Mode option will fire off your bracket set without having to press the button multiple times.

Last weekend I found I had left it on and the battery was flat, but at least the normal button worked just fine. Just not T or R mode.

Gallery at

Hokum Senior Member • Posts: 2,555
Anywhere to get in the UK?

Looks pretty cool though

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digitall Senior Member • Posts: 2,223
Re: ADIDT R3 RF Trigger

Interesting. Can you suggest a few uses for it? Thanks.

Hokum Senior Member • Posts: 2,555
Remote wide angle photography...

Wildlife with WA lenses

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