the secrets of olympus (e500 especially) - codes etc

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eydryan Regular Member • Posts: 216
the secrets of olympus (e500 especially) - codes etc

all right people, i started this thread so we can exchange secret oly stuff some of us have found out. up to know i've only learned (from here) the service menu access code:
turn on the camera
open the card door
press play and ok at the same time
press up down left right
press the shutter
press up

now you get 4 pages which are accesible like this:
1 up
2 right
3 down
4 left

now symbols are as follows

no idea except
L lens used and firmware version

R shutter clicks
S no of start-ups
M no of hot/dead pixels
U no of uses sswf

CS serial no (see bottom of camera)
MCS another serial

D nobody has any clue what this page is

All right.

Now if you people have any codes or hacks or such please let us know here i'm especially interested in how to activate iso50 on the e500.
see ya

evets53 New Member • Posts: 11
Re: the secrets of olympus (e500 especially) - codes etc
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S J E sorry i dont know any but i would love to be able to change to 50 ASA on my E300 does any one have a hack for that, or is their a good reason why you cannot do it.

decmate Regular Member • Posts: 346
Re: the secrets of olympus (e500 especially) - codes etc

evets53 wrote:


This has been discussed in this forum. Take a look at for details.


Who is that in the hyperfocal distance?

evets53 New Member • Posts: 11
Re: the secrets of olympus (e500 especially) - codes etc
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S J E thankyou for that must have missed that thread very intresting reading,a bit frightened to tinker in case it messes up.

EMale Senior Member • Posts: 2,863
S J E? What does that mean?

evets53 wrote:

S J E thankyou ... snipped

S J E sorry i dont ... snipped

S J E ???

OP eydryan Regular Member • Posts: 216
ah, thank you for that

i've also started a list of codes and parameters there and this is what i've done so far to figure out. nothing lethal yet... although you may want to consider removing the card from its slot to prevent deletion...for how to get to the codes enter the menu i've detailed above then on page one or two press exposure compensation then metering then iso then shutter and ok at the same time. seeing as how there are 256 settings all with 501 parameters that leaves us with 128256 possible combinations. this may take a while... maybe someone can also help map them...

codes i've found (item=0 unless otherwise specified):
and don't worry theres no sugar no likelyness of f*cking stuff up

253 - exit service menu
2 - power down

1 - some sort of info on exposure - iso, shutter and aperture (same on item=2 and apparently higher) exposure changes as item changes... i think

1 (item=1) key test feature (test absolutely all and any input on the camera) including power button - to exit you must eject battery
8 - turns off lcd... (no idea...)
10 - aparently shows same as 1 BUT iso changes as item changes mode=program
11 - turns iso to auto and mode to manual

12 - quote: "manual iso auto shutter 10 fnumber 3.9" info fnally stays on screen for longer
13 - same as 12

14 - all wb setting unable to actually set anything... shutter clicks after u press ok
20 - shows first service menu text "Olympus E-500"
252 - format card (item=2 all erase)

251 - setup and counter and limit below (waited up to 50 then got bored and clicked ok to stop it)

250 - same as above just it resets the lens first and doesn;t seem to wanna go above 1
249 - locks the software (not advisable)
248 - another counter but it sais cover instead of setup

this is where i kinda got bored and tired so i'll follow it up later...

funyy how curiosity makes you risk a 1000€ piece of delicate hardware just to find out what some codes mean...

Stephan01 Regular Member • Posts: 219
cool nt

that's cool

evets53 New Member • Posts: 11
Re: S J E? What does that mean?
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S J E its a secret code ? idont know why its in my reply box but i will delete it in future.

OP eydryan Regular Member • Posts: 216
Re: S J E? What does that mean?

oh don't worry about tinkering worst thing i've done so far is reset my vivid etc colour settings back to default. other than that you're safe. i mean no one would make such a menu and let you destroy the camera with it.

i'll continue the list later because now i'm dead tired and tomorrow i've got to go to shoot interviews with an editor for the mag starting from 8 o'clock. that sucks. especially seeing as how i;m on holiday...

idanst Regular Member • Posts: 203
Re: S J E? What does that mean?

I have found out something interesting and maybe useful in the menu,

try out 253/20. In my E300 it allows to change the Tiff resolution, but the top resolution which is indicates there is only 6mp, however, when choosing it, it changed back to the 8mp default so dont worry.

It might be useful because most of the times I dont need 8mp because 5 are enough and it weight less. But I dont use Tiff, only Raw so if someone will found the same thing for the RAW file it will be very useful for me.

OP eydryan Regular Member • Posts: 216
Re: S J E? What does that mean?

wow, that;s cool

thanks for sharing

sleep awaits, just as i finish to upload some more pics

Chicanoblack Regular Member • Posts: 149
Re: the secrets of olympus (e500 especially) - codes etc

This is awesome!!! This is what forums should be for, inside secrets! Like modifying Konica Lenses is my favorite to date, hopefully this hack will take the cake.

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