E-10 + FL-40 + $$$ = e1?

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Theresa K
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there is some entertainment value there....

John Hilmer wrote:


... waitin' for the Uber-UZI so I can "I told ya so Ross!", and
that will be fun.

I am sure that you two will be knocking each other down to get to be first in line for that one! Of course you will have lots of other competition, all standing in line with their aging UZIS!

I've got the E-10 for when I need the extra heft and that will do
me for now. I took it out yesterday and headed to the beach in
hopes of some heavy surf shots, but all for naught. The weather
turned befor I got there, so not a single release.

I read the other forum daily for the humor it affords. Seems like
their sand box is getting a bit fouled if you take my drift.

It is ugly over there, you have to be very careful about where you step. I have actually seen Phil over there quite a bit and he started a banning thread. He's on the warpath.

Let's see what our good friend Inigo does.

I think it's only a matter of time for Inigo.
Theresa Kelly
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Theresa K
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I've had that same fantasy....

Inigo Montoya wrote:

Bill Huber wrote:

I have been thinking about getting another body so when I go out I
can have the 50-200 and a smaller lens at the same time.

That's kind of my idea here... have both long and short w/out
having to do a lense swap.

In case you miss my question in the "deja vu" thread -- how loud is
the E-1's shutter? Michael Meissner pointed out that the E-10 is
very quiet -- and I know my E-300 is too loud for shooting during
school chorus shows, etc.

I have heard that the E-1 is extremely quiet. I use my E-300 all the time at school events, they seem to have gotten used to me. It does make me very self-concious, though.

Now if I could just get my hubby to understand my need for a second body!
Theresa Kelly
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Constructive criticism always welcome!

ProAc_Fan Senior Member • Posts: 1,511
How to find shutter count..

to check shutter count > power on, open the cf door
1. press "play"+"ok" together
2. press the following button in order "up" "down" "left" "right" on the dial
3. fully press the shutter release button
4. press "up" on the dial
press "left" to page 2
R: 00XXXXXX mean shutter release count
S: 00XXXXXX unknown
M: 00XXXXXX pixel map count
U: 00XXXXXX ultrasonic wave count
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suddie1215 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,818
Re: How to find shutter count..

Thank you very much...that's very useful information.

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John Hilmer Veteran Member • Posts: 5,842

TK & Inigo,

I never can type it as Ross does.

I may be a bigger dino than the UZI, LOL!

I'm lookin' for the "Fun Factor" and when it shows it head I'll know it.

The recent choices are not what I'm lookin' for.

OK, it may be that I'm not able to handle the DSLR stuff to be able to get the benefit, but given the E-10 experiance that isn't what I'm lookin' for. The E-10 is a great for deliberate stuff, but for bummin' around and shootin' for fun it is the pits.

Until I find a way to enjoy the e-10 I see no reason to abandon the UZI.

Yep, I haven't even shot the UZI recently so what does it matter...


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OP Inigo Montoya Forum Pro • Posts: 13,588
Re: I'm sorry to hear that, Bill....

Theresa K wrote:

I've been pretty careful over there and don't post much. The
climate here is much more comfortable but if I want to read
anything about equipment, I have to venture into dangerous water!

Well, there's always "the place that can no longer be mentioned" (or at least not direct linked to.

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OP Inigo Montoya Forum Pro • Posts: 13,588
If you don't need IS...

An E-xxx with the 18-180 lens might have your "fun factor".

That's 36-360 -- quite close to the Uzi's 38-380, and I'd wager the extra on the wide angle is more valuable since you can take a 2MP crop from an E-xxx and have the rough equivalent of an Uzi with 2x more zoom.

The sticking point is the f6.3 on the long end vs f3.5 for the Uzi. That's between 1-2 stops slower before you account for IS, so you'd be shooting ISO 1600 where the Uzi would only need 400.

Noise-wise, it's at least as good, and probably better after you resize down to the Uzi's dimensions. The "fun killer" would likely be the loss of the IS though, to stabilize those long shots. Still... "one lens does it all".... and there's NO comparison in shot/file handling --- the E-xxx stomps all over the E-10 there. I save 14MB RAWs faster than the E-10 handles its 2.5MB JPGs.

Not there yet... but maybe in a year there will be something similar to the 18-180 from the Panny/Leica side, with OIS?

Theresa K
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That other place just doesn't do it for me, Inigo....

I can't seem to view it correctly and it just seems to be a lot more work. I'd rather just hang out here with you guys.
Theresa Kelly
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OP Inigo Montoya Forum Pro • Posts: 13,588
Ben's fine...

Bill Huber wrote:

I think Ben got it again... he has not been on for a few days.

He just posted 3 hours ago... that would be between 6-7pm your time.

He hangs out more at "that other place" these days.

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