Lumix L1 Price disclosed by Leica Switzerland

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Deecy Senior Member • Posts: 1,589
Lumix L1 Price disclosed by Leica Switzerland

I don't know whether this has been posted in these forums yet, but here's an announcement from Leica. Wonder what the dividing line is - lens/body? My guess is $2200/$900.
--Leica Switzerland today informed the Lumix L1 with Leica lens will cost EUR
2600 ($3100 or 360'000 yen) and will be available from septembre 2006 on.


Scott P Senior Member • Posts: 1,978
well, that's an outrageous price.

Oh well.

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arachnophilia Veteran Member • Posts: 3,362
Re: well, that's an outrageous price.


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dinoSnake Veteran Member • Posts: 3,482
Re: Lumix L1 Price disclosed by Leica Switzerland

I think you'll find the dividing line more more towards the lens end, as is classic Leica. Not only that it may fall under the classic price "issue" of European cost=American cost, with NO exchange rate factored in (?? I've wondered how they do that).

Anyway, even if exchange rate is true, I'll bet more on the $1800 body / $1400 lens split, maybe even more for the lens. Leica lenses have never been inexpensive and I doubt they ever will be. The body is still branded "Panasonic" so I don't - can't - see how they can tack on a Leica-style pricetag.

Anastigmat Forum Pro • Posts: 12,680
Re: it's got a Leica body, but not the label.

For that kind of money, I would expect the Leica name should be on the camera, not just the lens.

PhotoTraveler Forum Pro • Posts: 11,700
Re: Lumix L1 Price disclosed by Leica Switzerland

Maybe a bit higher then people expected.

I think the Lens is probably over a grand. Made by anyone that a nice lens by what we know about it. I can see if being over a grand, and being leica on the front defintily ups it. If the camera body were a 50/50 split on cost I don't think to many people would be to shocked.

But hey, people will buy it just to get things back that they miss like aperture rings and shutter dials. They should have never left.

Now, look at this thing, and then start guessing how much the digital M will cost.

chopsteeks Senior Member • Posts: 1,580
Re: Lumix L1 Price disclosed by Leica Switzerland

My Olympus 14-54mm just got sharper.

Emil Varadi
Emil Varadi Senior Member • Posts: 1,497
They are aiming higher than Nikon and Canon

They are sure aiming high, higher than Nikor or Canon and that may prove to be a mistake. As far as I can see they are planning to ask prices above established mainstream DSLR bodies and their top lenses.

I do not think Panasonic has missed the fact that iLeica nearly went bankrupt because of its exorbitant pricing and inflexibility. Panasonic has done some very sober pricing for its good products, see the success of its Lumix line so far. (F-2, F-10, F-10, F-20 and F-30). So they had the lesson, and so far they solved it.

But let's try to analyse this new 2600 euro figure for the body and lense.

Let's see similar bodies first. That body should cost somewhere within the Niikon D-70s, Canon 350D, 20D, 30D price range, which is USD 700 to 1300 (pricing on dpreview website). Because D200 és 5D it ain't. The Olympus 330 is around USD 1000. So the price of the new body should be there somewehere within this range.

One dollar is 0,83 euro. So if we assume the body is rationally priced then it should come in the range between 580 to 1080 euros based on dollar prices. But in Europe camera (and lense) prices are higher so have to modify the range to roughly 800 to 1300 euros.

The rest of the money will be for the lense. Out of the 2600 euros quoted in Switzerland the lense will be somewhere between 1800 and 1300 euros. That is somewhat above Nikon's 17-55, 28-70 or 70-200VR category. Not very surprising, but many people find these expensive so going higher is high risk territory.

Would I buy into such an expensive system? I think they should have been more modest. Being a Nikon shooter I would not accept higher than Nikon pricing. Full stop.

What about you?

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Paul H Contributing Member • Posts: 583
Re: Lumix L1 Price disclosed by Leica Switzerland

Deecy wrote:

Ha! Good one...You had me going there, for a sec...wait, you mean you're SERIOUS??

Hey! Maybe the new standard should be renamed to "Four Thirds Markup".

MarcdeH New Member • Posts: 12
Re: Lumix L1 Price disclosed by Leica Switzerland

Maybe its not Euros but Swiss Francs?

Thomas Nilsson Contributing Member • Posts: 534
A reference please!?


Could you please give a reference to where Leica made this announcement? A link perhaps?

There are a few too many strange things about this for me to believe it just yet.



marf Veteran Member • Posts: 5,014
Maybe they are better than N&C

Maybe they are better than N&C.
But not in the eyes of a N&C shooter, ok.
Regarding prices, it is ok to pay something
for the leica label ( when leica sells a version )
and I for me cannot pay this now, but
the camera is interresting and maybe in one
or two years the price comes down to a normal range.
I can wait and look.

Martin F

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Emil Varadi
Emil Varadi Senior Member • Posts: 1,497
Imprtant point, give us a link please (nt)

no text

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MennoB Contributing Member • Posts: 984
No surprise

The Panny LC1 had an extravagant pricepoint when released, with an even more ridiculous 150-200% premium to pay for its virtually identical red dotted twin brother. History seems to repeat itself; Panaleica going for the rich ignorants.

And BTW if I recall correctly in the good ol' days the Leica brand name was reserved exclusively for camera BODIES; M nor R lenses were ever branded Leica, but "Leitz Wetzlar". So may it be that Panny failed to license the reputated Leitz brand name and now have to sticker their more expensive lenses with a brand tag that used to be for reserved for camera bodies?

There's a group of people that is prepared to pay a premium for anything that carries the magical Leica tag. But the funny thing is this lens carries not only the Leica sticker but also a LUMIX emblem. Well, Lumix=Panasonic, right? Makes you wonder how much Leica originated R&D REALLY is involved here...

Vladimer Senior Member • Posts: 1,893
misha marinsky Junior Member • Posts: 32
Re: Lumix L1 Price disclosed by Leica Switzerland

Yeah, I'll second (or third) that - how about a link, so the rest of us can read it. If true, then Pany/Leica did not learn from the LC1/Digilux 2 flop.

tex Veteran Member • Posts: 8,292
still idle speculation at this point....

...for a couple of reasons. 1) it's an 'announcement', the character of which none of us can determine without a link---and i am not casting aspersions on the OP, just stating a plain fact; 2) as several posters pointed out, there are exchange issues, etc, that bear on the question; 3) we have no real idea of the split between body and lens---but i agree with another poster in betting that lens with that range and IS will be pricey; and finally, for me the REAL kicker: 4) if true that's bound to be MSRP for the day it's released---only relevant to early adopters who always pay, apparently happily, the worst possible price. i have never ever ever paid MSRP for a piece of camera gear in my nearly 30 years of buying my own equipment, and don't plan on starting to unless i win a large lottery sum.

furthermore, this is not exactly 'pro' gear. it's pro backup, maybe, or pro walk-around, but it's not something NEEDED by any pros i can think of. so neither i nor anyone else needs to rush out and buy this thing. look for prices to cascade downward over the next 2 years.

and btw, i would buy the much less attractive e-330 just for the swing out lcd---much more convenient and useful than the fixed one on this lumix---big disappointment for me.

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Dave Dyer
Dave Dyer Regular Member • Posts: 466
Nothing on Leica's website about price

I checked news releases, etc and nothing about prices.

A link would help though.

RUcrAZ Veteran Member • Posts: 6,295
If you have to ask, you can't afford it


If indeed that is the price, then I hope it comes with real crocodile leather coverings; and also comes with a human "gun-bearer" to carry it around for me until I feel ready to shoot at something.

Emil Varadi
Emil Varadi Senior Member • Posts: 1,497
Deecy, a link or screenshot please!

I looked through the website of Leica Switzerland both French and German versions, but found no trace of the Lumix L1 price.

It has happened before that companies removed webpages that people accidentally discovered, but do you have any screenshots perhaps? (Making screenshots will have to be a standard measure of precaution it seems).

Also, you quoted euro, US dollar and yen prices. That website quoted only CHF prices as far as I could see. Where did you get these?

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