Dynax 5D Book

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fekker New Member • Posts: 24
Dynax 5D Book

I was told about a book written for newbies on the Dynax 5D but I can't remember the name of the author - can anyone please help job my memory?

Dynax 5D bought today and now charging (oh how frustrating) I WANT TO PLAY.... NOW! But I know that it's worth fully charging the battery first!


liquid stereo
liquid stereo Veteran Member • Posts: 7,286
Congrats and enjoy

Time seems to slow down while that battery charges, doesn't it?

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Marco Cinnirella
Marco Cinnirella Veteran Member • Posts: 8,136
Re: Dynax 5D Book

The book was probably Gary Friedman's excellent e-book.

See http://www.friedmanarchives.com/Writings/5D_7D_ebook.htm

It's well worth a read, and is more engaging and user-friendly that the manual.

Enjoy your new KM camera!


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JimWWhite Regular Member • Posts: 306
Re: Dynax 5D Book

It's a really good book to get you going. Follow his advice on how to set up your camera and you'll be much happier. I pasted the link to the author below. Hope you enjoy your 5D as much as do mine!


Jim White

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Lee Beasley Senior Member • Posts: 2,473
Re: Dynax 5D Book

I'll say. I just bought it this weekend and finished reading it yesterday. I kept losing the link and forgetting to order a copy. I wish I had bought it a year ago. It's fun to read and packed with great information. I'd love to get out this weekend and try out the tips, but unfortunately my 7D is heading back for service so I'll either have to pick up a 5D between now and then or wait till it returns. LOL

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OP fekker New Member • Posts: 24
Slow... Slow??

I think the world has stopped turning!


OP fekker New Member • Posts: 24
Thanks for the help...

you (us, ahem) KM people are so much nicer that those Cannon losers!

eshropshire Senior Member • Posts: 2,411
Actually goes back a bit

Don't worry it will charge soon, gives you a chance to read the user manual :-).

Enjoy the camera, you will have a ball.

SteveCz Regular Member • Posts: 251
Re: Dynax 5D Book

Make no mistake about it....Gary Friedman's 5D/7D eBook is outstanding and worth the very reasonable price.

And you will love his writing style, guaranteed!

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sraulers Junior Member • Posts: 33
Re: Dynax 5D Book

I downloaded the PDF version, which I'm currently working my way through. So far so good... nice easy read with good details on "my" camera, not just "a" camera!

I'm still waiting to see if a Magic Lantern Guide for the 5D will be forthcoming since the Sony announcement. It was originally due out in the May timeframe. Of course, now that I've downloaded Gary's book I may not want/need the other one.

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Cope Veteran Member • Posts: 6,331
Re: Magic Lantern 5D Book

Steve, it did come out. I got mine from Wal-Mart online for $12.99.

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garykohs Veteran Member • Posts: 5,466
Re: Magic Lantern 5D Book

Yep. I got mine from Amazon. The Friedman book, though, is a much better read. The MLG is a good reference manual.

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