Vague s9000 negativity

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Lunatic59 Regular Member • Posts: 397
Vague s9000 negativity

It's time again for me to upgrade my camera and I am ALMOST sure that the s9000 is for me. I have owned several cameras over the course of my digital life including an early dSLR [Minolta MD-175] and several Fuji's. I have also had the opportunity to use several other brands including Canon, Panasonic and Kodak. Overall, i am most happy with the results from my Fuji's which is why i am seriously looking at the 9000. I have, of course, read many reveiw on several sites and browsed through recent threads which have been rather cough opinionated. During the course of my research there have been two recurring points that trouble me, yet i have never been able to find the statistical data on them. First, that there is a greater number of "defective" s9000's on the market than other camera's and secondly, that there is an increasing number of dissatisfied customers. Had I only seen these topics in one or two threads, i would have dismissed them as anectdotal or reactionary, however i have seen them enough to cause me concern every time i go to hit the "add to basket" button.

I do know the limitations of the camera and am fully ready for the higher than P&S learning curve. I accept the noise at high ISO settings and the possibility of needing to dive into layers of menu options to change a simple setting. What attracted me to this camera was foremost my experience with the quality of images I got from my other Fuji's plus the sync connection [i usually travel with several monolights triggered from a slave]

Could anyone point me to any statistics on the frequency of s9000 lemons? And, where are the ever-increasing negative reviews alluded to in the threads? If they exist, i'd like to read them to determin if they are valid for my type of shooting.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Vague s9000 negativity

I already have two Fuji's cameras (S5100 and F10).

S5100 is nice, it has good color, but it is pretty noisy above ISO100.
The EVF is grainy and the LCD is so small.
Overall, I am pleased with the pictures taken.

F10 is a little pocket camera. It is very discrete. You can take pictures in low light with no noise (up to ISO400), or some noise (up to ISO1600).

Now, the time has come, I need a more serious camera
Of course I am keeping my two Fujis.

I have to chose between Fuji S9500, Nikon D50 and Canon 350D.

I live in Croatia (Southern Europe) and the prices are pretty high:

S9500... 738 USD, 624 EUR, 428 GBP
350D.... 934 USD, 789 EUR, 541 GBP
D50...... 954 USD, 806 EUR, 553 GBP

Fuji S9500 is cheaper, has excellent colors and excellent resolution.

Canon and Nikon have low noise and are very fast. I don't like D50 colors, skin tones have that orange color (jaundice look) neither D50's resolution (less details than my F10)...

Stil, I am worried about those defective Fuji cameras...

I think I want a S9500...

I agree that S9000 pictures look 'raw' and 'soft' when viewed at 100 % on your computer. I downloaded some 9MP samples and sharpened them in Irfanview (20% sharpening), then I resized them to 1600x1200 (much closer to the A3 dimentions S9500 can print to) and sharpened again. The pics looked beautiful

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Re: Vague s9000 negativity

Just make sure you buy the camera in a place where you can exchange it easily when something's wrong.

As far as I know, the s9500 wont fall apart after a few weeks: either it works or it doesn't work. In order to produce as many cameras as possible, the factory had a serious quaility issue, I am sure. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with the overall quality of the design. So as long as you make sure you get a good one that:

  • doesn't make a very loud clicking sound after only a few hundreds of photos

  • has good overall sharpness (lens alignment!)

  • doesn't have one or tow blurry corners (CCD alignement)

then you are safe. The lens alignement and the CCD alignment, when good, will not shift in time. The only thing that can go worse is the clicking sound, but then again, I know of noone who had that experience too. I had, and my camera was exchanged for a new one.

You might even go for an extended warranty.

My advice: don't EVER buy something on the web you havent seen or tried for real. Especially fraigile equipemnt like cameras.

And now the good news: I love this camera. Just let me say that again, to counteract all the negative news. remember this: People dissatisfied, make more noise than satisfied ones.

They hang around in forums like these, and their complaint, no matter how just, is heard much louder than the ones that just take beautiful pictures.

Ofcourse I can understand that, if I were to have a dud, I would be frustrated too, hell, I DID have a dud, but I also had a very good service from my dealer. Be informed about what this camera can do, and if it meets your demands. If there's cash in your pocket, and loads of lenses to use, go for DSLR. If you want ONE piece of equipment doing ALL, be prepared to give up a little bit on high ISO image quality, but gain on versitality and bang for a buck.

I know myself: If I would've bought DSLR, the shopping would never have stopped: TTL flashguns, wide lens, macro lens, zoom lenses, man, my bag would've been heavy and my wallet...well, let's say, my wife is pleased too. Also about the photos by the way, she loves the colors and resolution (she is a graphic designer).

AWT Contributing Member • Posts: 848
Re: Vague s9000 negativity

I've always liked the 'Fuji' look to images.. MX-1200, 2800 Zoom, A340, S7000 then S9500... Still a happy customer .

I completely understand your reservations, and all I can suggest is that you choose a retailer that gives you the most flexible options of return or exchange if you're not happy. Often worth paying more for that...

I may be wrong, but the acknowledged two best 'SLR-esque' prosumers at present seem to be the S9500 and the Panasonic FZ30 so you're on the right track in the 'choosing process'. I'm certainly not biased to Fuji though.. If Panasonic get a nicer sensor behind those Leica optics I'll jump ship!

Don't forget that we are bound to hear more from those that are unhappy.. The happy owners will be too busy taking pictures.

SelNZ Senior Member • Posts: 2,029
Re: Vague s9000 negativity

As Vocal says, this is a great camera. Just make sure you get it from a place you can get a replacement from if you get a bad one. There have been a few bad ones but I don't think as many as you would think.

Be prepared to spend some time learning this camera. It is a very capable tool if used properly. There is enough of us here who now understand it enough to help with most learning problems you may have and are very happy to do so.

Once you come to grips with it you will become like the rest of us who can't put it down. I just love my camera.

Sel ................
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jbabbage Regular Member • Posts: 132
Re: Vague s9000 negativity

I echo the responses here. I too had a dud, but after returning it and picking up a new one, I'm quite happy. I take this puppy everywhere, even shot family portraits with it and the client was VERY happy with the results.

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Jim Babbage

Richard Freeman Contributing Member • Posts: 992
This s9500 is good

I loved my s602 to pieces, but the detail for cropping or large prints from the s9500 is remarkable. Yes the pics from it (s9500) respond very well to P&P (as did pics from my s602).
The thing I miss most from the s602 is no bin at instant preview.

Here’s an pic from a couple of days ago No P&P strait from camera with in camera sharpening set to ‘soft’, only resized for web.

S9500, 1sec, f4.5, ISO 80

OK, I may have to go and wash my mouth out with soap, but I can’t see myself

Going back to the s602, this s9500 is good. Mind you if I think I’ll want 5fps then I may………………………!

Best regards

Troutman Regular Member • Posts: 166
Re: This s9500 is good

Yep, agree with Richard. I also come from a S602/7000 background and think my S9500 is a much better camera. FWIW, a lot of negative vibes about this camera allude to supposed "other" numerous gripes which simply don't exist. Like Sel said, there were a few dud cameras but nowhere near as many as some would have you believe. Many negative posts have since been proven to be operator error/lack of understanding and from what I've read and seen, most detractors can't get past the fact that setting "any" camera on Auto won't make you a pro. Just remember it takes steady hands and good technique to pull off 300mm hand held shots that are sharp.....many seem to think this a given. Heres a snap of some tricky lighting conditions hand held on Chrome setting.

Richard Freeman Contributing Member • Posts: 992
Hey, Truotman

Handheld and late afternoon your result is ample sharp, nicely done Troutman,
I must confess to using a tripod with mine.
Best regards

OP Lunatic59 Regular Member • Posts: 397
Re: Vague s9000 negativity

So if I do some rudimentary testing for lens and sensor alignment and it proves to be sharp and uniform, then there is little chance of having future problems? [clicking noises notwithstanding]

OP Lunatic59 Regular Member • Posts: 397
Re: Vague s9000 negativity

SelNZ wrote:

Be prepared to spend some time learning this camera. It is a very
capable tool if used properly. There is enough of us here who now
understand it enough to help with most learning problems you may
have and are very happy to do so.

Thank you for the insight and the offer of support. I daresay that in the next few weeks you'll be seeing my presence and questions more frequently. I anticipate a good bit of practice and plenty of manual reading time will get me to where I can actually take a decent photo.

karlviehe Regular Member • Posts: 138
Re: Vague s9000 negativity

had my s 9000 for ten days. As far as noise goes, it is far better than the Nikon CoolPix 8800.....perhaps not up to the Canon 20d, but I paid $515, not the $1600 + for a 20d.....

It is certainly not as fast focusing .... but a good photographer can anticipate well enough to overcome this limitation...but faster focusing...and faster shot to shot would be nice.....

I will be posting some high ISO photos in a few days ..... shots of indoor basketball w available light are surprisingly quite good .... of course, would be nice to have image-stabilization ( not sure what Fuji was thinking on this ).......

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Troutman Regular Member • Posts: 166
Re: Hey, Truotman

Thanks Richard, tripod or not that shot of yours is very nice with some real atmosphere. I think if you're prepared to use the full range of tools on the S9500, it really does cope very well with the most challenging of lighting conditions. In completely dark conditions with nothing to focus on, I've achieved good focus to infinity in MF mode by listening to the clicks made by the manual focus ring and counting back 3-4 clicks from infinity. Just remember to set the zoom first. I use this method to get some reasonable lightning shots @ ISO 400, the level of noise for something like a 7sec exposure is very good IMHO.

Richard Freeman Contributing Member • Posts: 992
Re: Hey, Truotman

Wow, that’s an impressive lightning shot.

Thanks for the focus to infinity tip. I have tried the old s602 trick of ‘lens cap on in landscape mode and switch to manual focus’ with limited success.

I was trying to get a shot of the southern cross but had to give it away because of my operation (right as rain now). Funny thing a 30sec exposure had an exif file of 32 sec
Best regards

vocal Regular Member • Posts: 206
Re: Vague s9000 negativity


That's exactly what I mean.

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