I'm On Top Of The World !

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Lobby Ludd Senior Member • Posts: 2,263
I'm On Top Of The World !

Pictures from Whistler BC - site of the Alpine Events for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Bandwidth Warning !!

OP Lobby Ludd Senior Member • Posts: 2,263
Whsitler, B.C.

You go first !

The Saddle - 5,280 ft verticle drop to the valley

Looking the other way & Black Tusk peak

View from the Roundhouse & the Olympic symbol (I forget what they call it)

A Big pano of the valley and Blackcomb Mtn

Night shot of the Village against Blackcomb

I got a spot staked out - about a 20 min hike and I can get another 200 ft of elevation on a bluff. If the weather cooperates I'll get a evening pano of the whole town and both mountains.

All shot with the 11-22

Thanks for looking.

highsee3 Senior Member • Posts: 2,589
Re: Whsitler, B.C.

I love the last image. The clouds are eerie.

I have to get a 11-22 soon.

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OP Lobby Ludd Senior Member • Posts: 2,263

It sure is an amazing lens.

Here's 1 more. This once was a quick over/underexpose and layered in PSCS.

That's my wife.

SMBooth Veteran Member • Posts: 3,813
Oh wow..

To somebody like me that never sees good snow these are fantasic viewing. Thanks for posting
Lots of information here...

stefano888 Senior Member • Posts: 1,046

Excellent photos...I love all them.
(equipment in profile)


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OP Lobby Ludd Senior Member • Posts: 2,263

I tell ya, half this town's workforce is from Oz. All young and raring for a 6 month long party !

Next time I'm up there, I'll go to the town centre and yell "Ozzies wave home" - you'll be amazed how many of them are !

For my part, it's time to sneak to bed and NOT wake the wife !

Good nite.

philshots Regular Member • Posts: 329
Re: I'm On Top Of The World !

Your mountain shots are simply breath taking - I like the night shot the best. Thanks for posting

Bill Wallace Veteran Member • Posts: 7,020
Mr. Ludd

Those are fantastic shots, the last one is my fav, the second is cool too. Did you use an ND filter on these???

Great series,


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Bill Wallace
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Hawaii-geek Veteran Member • Posts: 8,066
Awesome, miss that place

My best friend is Canadian ... so 15-20 years ago we used to go there every year around this time.
I got married and never have been back.

Maybe I will see you there in 2010 !

There was a Condo at the bottom of Whistler ... with a BAR that had large windows to look up the mountain. Is it still there?
It must be hard to get a room there now days.

The rooms used to look up the mountain ... with Jaccuzi

  • would the e-500 be able to take the weather?

Lobby Ludd wrote:

Pictures from Whistler BC - site of the Alpine Events for the 2010
Winter Olympics.

Bandwidth Warning !!

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New to Photography ... I need a lot of HELP!
but, learning quickly by reading this forum.
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Basic Wedge
Basic Wedge Contributing Member • Posts: 517

Fabulous views. A real treat for a flatlander like me.

The stone figure isn't an Olympic symbol; it's an Inukshuk - a uniquely Canadian symbol. You'd have to live here to fully understand why we build them. The idea is to place it in some really barren or remote spot to show that someone was once there. There are Inukshuks in the Arctic, believed to have been built centuries ago.

A little bit of Canadiana for you.

Again, thanks for the views.
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gunnerx Contributing Member • Posts: 602
Re: Inukshuk

I believe this one was built specifically for the Olympics. That is the actual Winter Olympics symbol they will be using.

You can check out the main page here: http://www.vancouver2010.com/en

gunnerx Contributing Member • Posts: 602
Re: Whsitler, B.C.

Outstanding images! You have definitely convinced me into getting the 11-22mm. What a beautiful place, I think I will setup something with my friends to pay Whistler a visit.

Scott T. Miller Regular Member • Posts: 229
Re: I'm On Top Of The World !

Lobby Ludd wrote:

Pictures from Whistler BC - site of the Alpine Events for the 2010
Winter Olympics.

WOW...beautiful shots. I enjoyed every one of them. I may have to reconsider my position on the 11-22mm ;^)

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Tim the Grey Veteran Member • Posts: 6,310
Re: I'm On Top Of The World !

An Oly SLR, and mountains.

My idea of heaven, for sure.

I'm only jealous!


Robh3 Regular Member • Posts: 441
Re: Whsitler, B.C.

Hello Lobby.

Nice pictures. Finally some propper winter. Thinking of going to Vancouver some time, looks like a nice place. Here are some comments on your pictures.

1. Don't know if this is the best way to do this shot. You've sort of centered the mountains with the snowboarder and your own shadow in the right corner. Points of intrest is the view to the mountains and the snowboarder, -so that should be excentuated(?) in the picutre. I can understand the choise of a wide angle, but using a wide angle, especially outside, benefits from having somthing closer to the camera. That adds depth. There are quite large areas in the pictureplane that are more or less "dead" in this picture. But the view is nice for sure.

2. This is really nice. Works for me. Maybe you can do some photoshoping to enhance the bright line that cuts the picture where you've placed the sun. I also think you can put in a sun that has a better star-effect. What was the aperture in this specific shot ? Could have resolved that issue with no photoshoping.

3. Here you're approaching that near-to-far effect a wide angle uses, but i suspect this is more towards the 22 end than the 11 on the 11-22 ? Also watch "ending lines" line the mountains, beeing cut by near-field items, like on this specific shot. Pherhaps going a little closer to the stones, and placing part of them in the sky-part of the pictureplane would make for a better picture ?

4. This is great. You've got the snowboarder on the right hand side closest in the picture, and a line runs across the image to the left side. Wonder what would have happend if you tilted the camera just a tad bit more downwards ?

5. Nice sky ! This picture is overall, quite nice. However, there are a bit to many black fields in this shot to make it a good one. The dark areas are a bit too dominating. Combining two shots, one for the sky and snow-part of the mountains (which you've nailed here) and a second for the forrest, might make a better choise. Maybe just combine two images from raw development will do the trick ?

Nice pictures. I've got to go to Canada.

terdonal Veteran Member • Posts: 6,733
Re: I'm On Top Of The World !

Very nice Lobby. A beautiful location that most of us will never see from the vantage points you took them from.

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JHCheney Forum Member • Posts: 75
Re: I'm On Top Of The World !

love shots 2 and 5....
looks cold though !!!

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OP Lobby Ludd Senior Member • Posts: 2,263
Re: Mr. Ludd

Thanks so much.

I used a CP - which is why the pano has uneven sky's.

I also learned what happens if you don't put the lens hood on 100% - offset vignette.

OP Lobby Ludd Senior Member • Posts: 2,263
Re: I'm On Top Of The World !

Thank you, it was a beautiful day to say the least.

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