Printer for S80..

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Printer for S80..

I recently picked up a S80 for my wife. She is a teacher, and odds are that she would like to print pics on the fly. This has me looking at Canon's new line of mini printers. However, I don't like that these are held back by the paper size. I'm sure that every now and then we may want to blow up a few pictures. Can anyone recommend a nice printer to use with this that can print large prints for less than $300? Also, does anyone have one of the portable Canon printers-have a quick review?


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Re: Printer for S80..

Even though it's cheaper for me to get a ton of prints done online, once in a while I do print one out at home. Have a look at the Canon Pixma lineup. The actual photo output is amazing, but you'll have to do some major research on printers, all of them.
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OP Deci New Member • Posts: 13
Re: Printer for S80..

Yeah I guess there is no shortcut to doing homework on the printers. I appreciate your response though, and was flipping through some of your photos - great stuff.

I never really considered getting prints done online. Where do you get your prints done?

VT Contributing Member • Posts: 717
Re: Printer for S80..

For most people I normally suggest not getting a printer at all - since the high street printing is so economical and good......

Locally I can get 6x4 for between 14-29cents each which is cheaper than the ink and paper alone (with NO recovery of the initial printer cost)

10x8 are marginal at $3.99 each but I have had ones from WalMart at $2.84

Quality is good - however I always process my photos (mostly adjusting brightness and contrast and add a shade of sharpening) and always crop/adjust to the output print size/aspect ratio - so I do not get any surprises like unintentional cropping.

I have a preference for the prints from Fuji machines.

If one must have a printer make sure it is a printer that is designated as a PHOTO printer and one that uses 6 or more inks.

I personally like the Epson Photo printers, but the upper range of Canon photo printers (that use 6 or more inks) are just as good......

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