Exposure with 580-EX Speedlite

Started Aug 29, 2005 | Discussions
gilo Junior Member • Posts: 30
Exposure with 580-EX Speedlite

When I use my 580-EX as on camera flash with my 20D I noticed that with standard E-TTL mode and the camera set simply on P mode, images come out quite underexposed: there are practically no pixels in the right half of the camera's histogram. This is more significant as focal length increases, with limited ambient light and when using zooms (no matter how good, even with L lenses). The green light comes up after shooting, though, to indicate correct exposure.

To get better exposed shots I need to compensate either on the flash or on the camera of at least 1 stop.
Is there something wrong with my settings or is the 580 really underexposing?


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