Official announcement by Kodak......Finally.

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Ron Baird Regular Member • Posts: 376
Re: Design, where's Laura W?

Hi Damian,

I am afraid I do not know Laura. I am in Rochester as is Mike. There are a few people from Kodak that come and go online. In my case I spend part of my day here and in other chats and discussions. I have not run into Laura just yet.

I can tell you that although Laura is not here, having Mike with us is our good fortune. He has all the details is a great guy in general.

Like you my background is in imaging. I have a BS degree (no pun intended) in Photographic marketing, and certificates in writing, and telecommunications and was a working pro for a while. I have spent over 43 years at Kodak so far and hope to share a few more.

Talk to you soon, Damian,

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company

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Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company

Jay Turberville Forum Pro • Posts: 12,917
Re: Kodak "DSLR"? and a tangent on cable releases

And for what it's worth, I too continue to hope for a DSLR out of
our boys in camera development................

Maybe Kodak will be the company to come out with a DSLR using a small format sensor. I've been waiting for the company that will come out with a sensor in the 14mm - 10mm diagonal range with interchangable lenses and an EVF (no mirror and pentaprism please). So its not really a DSLR, since there is no "reflex".

BTW Mike, you mentioned that the 880 may be losing its Bulb setting and that the lack of a good way to trigger and release the Bulb setting might be part of the problem. If true, this really is silly. I think the industry as a whole has really dropped the ball in its approach to remote releases on cameras targeted toward enthusiasts. Mechanically, it wouldn't be that difficult to integrate an actual cable releas socket. But I can appreciate that such an implementation adds to the cost of every camera and it would be only used a few times. But why not add a simple sub-mini or mini plug. This would allow the addition of a simple electrical switch that mimics the functions of the shutter release switch on the camera. The camera manufacturer (or a third party) could even produce a special switch that would plug into the jack and provide a mechanical interface for a standard cable release.

A two position switch is dirt simple. Why just about everyone keeps avoiding providing this simple extension of the shutter on enthusiast cameras is beyond me. I'm a bit tired of having to come up with gizmos to enable this feature that should be basic and standard.

(I eventually purchased a Harbortronics Digisnap 5000 that uses the cameras battery grip pinouts to deliver a miniplug jack which allows the use of a simple electrical switch release.)

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K8 Senior Member • Posts: 1,733
Re: Official announcement by Kodak......Finally.

I like the look of the P850 for sure

Got a DX, taken a shot, blank EVF ? no worries, use the shutter button the camera can still take pictures, even if you can't see.

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Re: ISO Problems

Only for the wide angle camera, not for the 12x zoom. Check the specs.

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