Should I return my accessories to Butterfly Photo?

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Should I return my accessories to Butterfly Photo?

I recently purchased an Oly 8080 from Butterfly Photo for $462 ( good deal ) as well as a Panasonic Lumix Z25 for $446. I plan to use the cameras in tandem. The saleman was able to sell me a whole bunch of accessories; to be honest with you I don't know If I got a competitive deal on the accessories and more importantly, I am somewhat skepticial of the quality of these accessories as they are offbrands

As an example, I purchased a Crystal Vision/DigitalVisions .5x wide angle and Vision optics 2X telephoto lens package for $200, a set of 3 Merkury 72MM filters for $150, a DigitalVisions 2GB Flash card for the Olympus and DigitalViisons 1GB SD for the Panasonic in addition to spare batteries.

As I have never heard of DigitalVisions, Merkury, Vison Optcs, i am very skeptical about the quality of the lens, filters as well as the flash cards and SD cards, i am inclined to return thiese accessories and accept a 10% penalty in the restocking fee. WHat do you suggest I do in this situation?

Also when I arn the dead pizel test on the OLY 8080, I had no dead pizels, but I started getting hot pizels at 1/2 sec (4), 1 sec (4), 2 sec (12), 4 sec (18), 8 sec (58), 10 sec (181) and 15 sec (4). Number in parantheses represent the number of hot pizels. Should I be concerned about the number of hot pizels and exchange the camera as well?

Please advsise ASAP as I have to make a final diecision on these issues by Friday!

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THey sold u a bunch of rubbish...

Send it all back, why do people buy things they no nothing about.
No offence!
Lots of information here...

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Re: Should I return my accessories to Butterfly Photo?

If you feel you made a bad deal on the accessories and can return them for that restocking fee, go with that and don't feel bad about it. Life is too short to worry about that stuff. We all make mistakes, we fix them and move on. Upward and onward! :]

If you do this and then shop wisely, you could end up with only what you want/need, have better quality and maybe for close to the same money seeing as those accessories were probably somewhat inflated.

Let us know if you do this and when you have questions about what to buy and from where, post them and you'll get good advice.

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I decided to return all accessories exept for the replacement batteries for both cameras and the camera carrying case.

Today, when I was ready to connect the computer to camera to upload the most recent firmware, I discovered the camera kit was missing the gray USB cable. Then when i tried to charge the Merkury replacement battery with the Olympus battery charger, the charger indicated the battery was not charging; hence the replacement battery may be defective. Gp figure!

I called ButterflyPhoto to sort out these issues and hopefully they will be resolved without any further complications.

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