The Sunday Bee is now The Sunday Close-Up, Vol. 1 #5, June 12, 2005

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OP Tony Finnerty Senior Member • Posts: 2,581
Re: Sort of a bee...on thistle

Hi Ceci. That photo turned out more than OK! The sort-of-bee came out very sharp and the oof purple thistle makes an appealing background.

Most of my critter macros are hand held because the critters generally move too fast to track with a camera on a tripod. I've learned to make a tripod out of my body, bracing myself against anything solid and often lying on the ground for stability. My percentage of sharp shots would be higher if I used a tripod more, but I'd miss more shots.

The close-focusing 14-54mm lens is dang near a macro lens, isn't it? What a versatile piece of glass!

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