Canon IP4000 duplex problem (with text)

Started Jun 5, 2005 | Discussions
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El Indio Regular Member • Posts: 100
Canon IP4000 duplex problem (with text)

I've come across a strange problem with my IP4000:

When I print plain text using only one side of the paper it uses the text black cartridge and I get fast printing, near lazer quality.

When I print the same thing using both sides of paper (duplex option switched on), it uses the photo black and I get slow printing, pale & fuzzy quality.

I have the 1.8 drivers, plain paper and text setting selected.

Does anyone else get the same thing?

Regards, El

El Indio OP Regular Member • Posts: 100
Re: Canon IP4000 duplex problem (with text)

I found the answer to my problem on the Canon site.

It seems that this is a 'feature' of duplex printing. Less black ink is used to prevent the ink from rubbing onto internal components.

Makes the duplex option kinda useless. Wished they had said that on the box.

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