Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

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gilo Junior Member • Posts: 30
Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

I am planning to chenge my Fuji S2Pro with a Canon. I had a lot of problems with the Fuji due to a CCD very prone to failure (I had to get it changed twice in 18 months) although I have been very happy with its colors and skin tones in particular.

I would welcome your opinion on whether the 20D would actually be significantly better than the S2Pro and whether I should actually consider the 1D Mark II to have something really better. But is the price difference between the the 20D and the 1D Mark II really worth it? (The 1Ds Mark II seems simply far too expensive, still)

Gary_Beers Junior Member • Posts: 34
Re: Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

I changed to a Canon 10D from an S2 Pro about 9 months ago. I used a Nikkor 80-400VR and 24-120, I now have a 100-400L and 28-135. I shoot exclusively in RAW

Pros (of Canon)

Much better focussing
Much better write speed
Much smaller file sizes
Doesn't have a green cast on images
Vertical release (with grip)
Better choice of RAW processing software


Much noiser than the S2 Pro particularly at 400 iso and above (but my 10D is much noisier than my partners so it may be a bad one)
For me - not so comfortable to hold, but it is close with the grip

Obviously some of these points are subjective and YMMV, but I hope this helps. Making the change worked out well for me


PhotoMan Senior Member • Posts: 1,217
To all:

The question involved a 20D NOT a 10D, in comparison to a S2 Pro. I have had them all. There is very little noise from the 20D. This is one of it's virtues among many. The S2 Pro has a weaker AA filter, and initially, images appeared much sharper out of the box, but there are MANY downsides to the S2 Pro. The only advantage IMHO is that S2 Pro images looked sharper initially. The 20D has a million advantages too numerous to list. Go for the 20D. Join a happy bunch of photographers. Photo Man.

Gary_Beers Junior Member • Posts: 34
Re: To all:

Well I'm really glad I tried to help now!

Jon Laye Senior Member • Posts: 2,485
Re: To all:

I have worked with almost every DSLR on the market in my studio. The S-2 was ok, but as said above, the 20D is better in virtually every way. Faster, better focusing, speed, flash control, noise. I feel that in the under $2500 range it's the best DSLR out there. We recently had an S-3 on loan from Fuji. Perhaps for landscape shooting where wide, wide dynamic range is needed the S-3 could be useful, but it was far too slow for virtually any portrait work, much less a wedding. While Nikon and Canon have improved on handling with their prosumer bodies, D70, 20D etc., Fuji is in the same boat as Kodak, no decent hardwre available. The 20D is virtually equal to the 1DmkII when used in the wedding/portrait arena. It has plenty of speed, accurate focusing, fast writing, it is unlikely that you will ever overrun the buffer at a wedding.


Gary_Beers Junior Member • Posts: 34
Re: To all:

Gary_Beers wrote:

Well I'm really glad I tried to help now!

Sorry - overreacted a bit here....

Marceloc Contributing Member • Posts: 530
Re: Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro


I had change my S2 for a 20D two month ago. My first DSLR was an S1 then i change it for an S2 and now i change for a 20D.

I am really happy with the 20D, better image quality, more speed, more control and better body.

Go for the 20D



OP gilo Junior Member • Posts: 30
Re: To all:

John (and others), thank you, have you experienced any problems of backfocusing/front focusing with teh 20D? There's a lot of talk about that around..

jordanw Regular Member • Posts: 421
Re: Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

one of my clients has a S2 pro and is getting ready to switch too. She was looking at S3, until she saw the price. She had a ton of problems with it and especially it being slow! Lenses are not a big difference, but selection of lenses is. Canon has many more options. Colors are nice in Fuji's, but nothing you can't do with raw and photoshop. Low ISO noise on the 20D kills just about everything out there. I love my 20D! Go get it.

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Daniel Y Regular Member • Posts: 272
Re: Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

I have both. The Canon 20D is a next generation+ camera compared to the S2Pro. The sensor is one generation later too (although I am keeping the S2Pro because of its "pretty colors").

I had the same 1DMkII question before I purchased the 20D. If you are not a professional, you don't need the 1DMkII (IMHO). The 20D is all I need as an "amateur" for the last 25 years.

OP gilo Junior Member • Posts: 30
Re: Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

Thank you all. Does anybody know anything about a newer version of the 20D? The 20DA, or something? Is it available, what's the difference?

Jon Laye Senior Member • Posts: 2,485
Re: Canon 20D vs Fuji S2Pro

The 20Da is a special version sold in Japan for Astrophotography. It's not designed for regular shooting. It's not a replacement for the 20D.

Optimized for astrophotography but capable, with the addition of an IR-Cutoff Filter, of doing daytime photography.

Sensor's sensitivity to H-alpha wave lengths (656 nm) is 2.5X higher than normal.

Reds show up much better in diffuse nebulae.

Live View mode allows for precise focusing on camera's LCD monitor

CJ NYC Contributing Member • Posts: 956


The bottom line is I think they both take equivalent images for all intensive purposes, but that the S2 has some deficiencies that are undeniable when you compare it to the 20D. That being said, the fact that this is a 2+ year old camera being comapred to a six-month old camera is just amazing in this day and age....If you have any further questions, I'd be happy to try and answer them.

I own both the S2 and the 20D. Skin tones are usually touted as the S2's trum card, but I believe the skin tones come down to a matter of taste. I've always found the S2 to be too saturated in the red channel to get faithful skin tones. I use the word faithful here because I often like the overly red rendering of skin tones of the S2. Now here's where it comes down to taste...I can produce FAITHFUL skin tones with the 20D and then add saturation that would match the S2. To my eye, resolution seems identical.

Now, lets talk speed and focus accuracy. I get a dramatically higher rate of keepers with the 20D, as the focus system is in a whole different universe. Start-up times, write times, continuous shooting speed...all dramatically better with the 20D. In addition, I find the 20D's viewfinder larger and brighter. Oh, also, E-TTL II is very consistent compared with the S2's flash metering.

Now I'm not trying to say the S2 is a bad camera, and it still takes great pictures for me and my family! In fact, it holds up amazingly well vs. brand new cameras, but it mostly sits on the shelf for me now.

Now, back to what I said in the beginning, this is all a matter of taste! The 20D offers incredible flexibility when it comes to the color reproduction of JPEG's, and you really can tailor the camera to your own taste, even if it is to reproduce an S2 look. The speed of the 20D is undeniable however, and I like to have that flexibility. However, I can't talk to what it would cost to switch mounts, as I don't have a huge investment in glass for either one.

I hope this helps, and is a fair report.

OP gilo Junior Member • Posts: 30
Re: Gilo....

Thank you very much, it does help!

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