Digital Workflow Book? Reznick's Book?

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Re: Digital Workflow Book? Reznick's Book?

1. You have to run color correction in stages in PS, and you have far less detail to work with in the histograms. It turns a rapid job (in Capture) into a 'fiddle-with-this, tweak-that' job.

2. To achieve equal saturation in PS requires an additional, manual step including visual evaluation.

3. Achieving correct WB in images without a neutral is extremely difficult in PS.

4. Using similar techniques, the work in PS takes quite a bit longer per image, the results are less consistent, requiring a large number of additional steps, and some things are either very much more difficult to do, or require a greater amount of subjective evaluation.

A lot depends on the methods you use and how critical you are. I can get the job done in PS, but I do not find the results as satisfactory as those in Capture, and it takes one heck of a lot longer. Getting repeatable precision results is not something that PS allows you to do, unless you're doing rather simplified processing or take detailed notes on what you did for each image.


Dennis D wrote:

Ron Reznick wrote:

Hi Raymond,

...(Capture is faster,
easier and yields a better result for the processing phase though)...

Ron, I always felt that PS ARC does a better job of processing the
raw file, especially in the area of color correcting, what's your
opinion on this?
Dennis D

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