Panasonic DMW-LTZ10E, what a lens!

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Panasonic DMW-LTZ10E, what a lens!

A friend of mine was able to get me a LTZ10E in Hong Kong for $385 and bring it back to the US this afternoon. I wasted no time to go outside for some shooting. What can I say? Well, what a wonderful lens. I may change my mind/impression, but so far it has delivered an impressive array of testing shots.

First of all, this lens comes with a tripod mount:

and its is long and big but (it seems to me) not very heavy. The following shots the the size comparison of three commonly mentioned/used lenses with adapter tubes attached. I add an adapter to each lens because the Panasonic one does not need any adapter and can be screwed to the camera directly. These lenses, from left to right, are LTZ10E, TCON-17, Sony VCL HGD1758 and TCON-14B.

We do not have to use the supplied tripod mounting plate like this:

However, since the combo will have the longest focal length 630mm = 420*1.5, it would be very helpful to have the tripod mounting plate installed:

The tripod mounting plate is actually a L-plate with one end screwed into the tripod mounting hole of the camera and the other end has a tripod hold:

A big ring wraps around the middle of the converter lens and is tied by a screw:

The tripod hole is very close to the center of gravity of the combo. The following image shows the combo on a quick release and very balanced:

My first impression is that this is a wonderful lens. Center sharpness is excellent, edge sharpness is also good and better than the TCON-14B, and chromatic aberration is low. Here is an example. The following image was shot in the aperture-priority mode with F5.6 and sharpening/saturation low. It was resized and USM-ed.

The following is the 100% center crop. Even with sharpness setting low, this is an impressive result.

My impression may change after I will have a chance to shoot more. It will take longer because weather forecast has that I could have rainy days in the coming week. Anyway, will update my findings here.

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