Should I wait for the 20 or buy a 10?

Started Aug 19, 2004 | Discussions thread
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What's "retail price" got to do with it?

River Side wrote:

what's not worth it's retail price is 10D.. we'll for the first
time see it selling for actually whats it;'s worth.

It's worth $1200. The question is whether the 20D is worth 500 more.

. i could never
fathom why people bought that over the 300D for such a huge
premium.. D70 put it in it's place.. sure the extra features are
worth something.. but not worth $500!

The 10D is ok for $1100... IF and only IF the 20D writes faster to
CF cards like the D70 would it be well worth spending $1300 .. no

RDKirk wrote:

It appears from first glance there there aren't any "significant"
advances in the 20D over the 10D, and at this moment, the 10D is
still available at significantly reduced price from the MSRP of the

However, we don't have the official word from Canon as to what the
actual specs of the 20D are.

So, everyone should wait until we get the "ground truth." At that
time, each user must evaluate whether the 20D is worth the $500 or
so that a 20D will cost over what a new 10D costs right now.

I need to get a backup (or two) ASAP. When the official specs come
out on Friday, I'll make a quick decision. At the moment, I don't
see anything in the 20D that is worth $500 (to ME) over the
10D--especially when it means buying two 10D now for $2200 rather
than two 20D later for $3200.

If that proves true on Friday when the official specs come out,
I'll be dropping a rush order within minutes for two 10D at
$1200...and I expect a few thousand other people will be doing the
same at the same time.

So for me, it may turn into a "don't wait" situation real fast.

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'TANSTAAFL: The only unbreakable rule in photography.'

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