What is your favourite trick?

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Just tried out that trick on some of my landscapes, I really like the effect. Thanks for the tip!

mandrake wrote:

French connection wrote:

Hello all!
What is your favourite ttrick to enhance pics in one or two (max
3steps) in PS?

My favorite trick is to saturate colors in a way I particularly
like. I use it mostly with outdoor photos, though that's mainly
because I primarily take outdoor photos. It generally brings out
deeper blues in the sky and warmer tones in things that need them.

Take your image and make a duplicate layer of it. Use the 'Apply
Image' tool in PhotoShop CS (Image-> Apply Image... -- you can also
probably use Calculations or just do it manually with layers if you
know what you're doing, but it's easy with Apply Image). What you
want to do is blend in an inverted blue channel in hard mix mode.

In the Apply Image Dialog, choose Channel: Blue, click Invert,
Blending: Hard Mix. At 100% opacity this will show you the colors
you will be superimposing on your photo. Now bring the opacity down
to 15-25% to see the effect. Sometimes the green channel is a
better choice than blue.

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