My flash shoe is loose on my 10D

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Exactly! Sort of.

Those loose hotshoe screws happened fairly regularly with my 10D. I ended up removing the thin black plate altogether, and keeping a micro screwdriver set in my bag, for on-the-spot tightening. Not a big deal. But I've never removed the screws, and I've never had to remove the metal shoe and "tap it back into place". In my situation, the hotshoe screws were just a little loose and needed retightening. It's also been recommended to me that I use some thread-locking compound which will keep the screws from loosening again.

Simon wrote:

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First pry/slide off the thin black metal plate over the metal hot
shoe of your 10D. Under it you will find four small philips head
screws, unscrew them, DON'T LOSE THEM. Take off the metal shoe, and
tap it back into shape, place it back on, put back in the screws
and slide back on the black metal plate. You've now saved a repair
bill of at least 100$ and have a perfectly good flash shoe.

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