Who will upgrade from the 10D or rebel to 20D?

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Paul North Senior Member • Posts: 1,616
If it's 5fps I may do it.

I take nature shots, and am getting into sports photography, 3fps just dosn't cut it, and the 1D MKII is just out of my reach now, so if I can get 5fps for a year or so, it would be great, then when they release a new 1DmkIII, i'll pick up a used 1DmkII.


tgrey wrote:
I do almost exclusively bird photog, with a DRebel. So what I'd
like is faster and more accurate AF for flight shots, and
(dreaming) the ability to AF at f8 so I could use a 2x TC with my
300/4 lens (or get a 400 5.6 and use my 1.4x TC).

I assume there's no chance of the AF at f8. Anyone have a sense how
much the AF is likely to be improved over the DRebel in the 20D,
given the specs? I've always just used the center point to AF.

I'd really like to stick with a lighter weight camera than the
1DMk2, not to mention the bux.

fred vachss wrote:

One thing nobody's mentioning is what impact the improved AF might
have on use beyond f/5.6 with TCs. Sadly I'm betting on no effect
whatsoever, but the ability to get fast reliable AF with a long
lens + extender at f/8 is the main draw of a 1-series body for me.
Everything else I care about: response speed, buffer, ETTL-2 is
answered in the 20D. And it's 2 lbs. lighter and $3K cheaper than
a 1D2 so it's likely the way I'll go.

Fred Vachss

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