Who will upgrade from the 10D or rebel to 20D?

Started Aug 18, 2004 | Discussions thread
fred vachss Senior Member • Posts: 1,292
My Girlfriend covets my 300D

So I have an excuse to get a new toy. But I'll probably wait for one of the pre/post Christmas price breaks like I did with my 300D ($760 new w/lens at Sears last October).

One thing nobody's mentioning is what impact the improved AF might have on use beyond f/5.6 with TCs. Sadly I'm betting on no effect whatsoever, but the ability to get fast reliable AF with a long lens + extender at f/8 is the main draw of a 1-series body for me. Everything else I care about: response speed, buffer, ETTL-2 is answered in the 20D. And it's 2 lbs. lighter and $3K cheaper than a 1D2 so it's likely the way I'll go.

Fred Vachss

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