Who will upgrade from the 10D or rebel to 20D?

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It's not the camera... it's

the photographer.

"No photographer is as good as the simplest camera." What he meant, of course, was that the wonders of even a simple camera are not fathomed by one man in a lifetime. Whether it's a ten dollar Instamatic, or a three thousand dollar Hasselblad loaded with accessories, there is one magical ingredient that brings the inanimate machine to life: the brain of the photographer. (c) 1973 Aaron Sussman

I still need to master my 10D... I bought it over a prosumer P&S because I wanted room to grow. I have a lot to learn still! Good tools (ie better cameras) help, but there's a point when all the bells & whistles detract from creating a photo. I don't think there is any real, pure debate any more of the medium (ie film vs digital) or the brand (ie Canon vs Nikon) or the technology (ie pinhole vs digital back)... 50 yeras or 500 years or 5,000 years from now, when people view our work, our art, what is important are the images we captured.


mark kay wrote:

Has no one asked this question yet?? Did i miss it? IF you will
upgrade... why

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