D70 with 3 SB800's rocks!!!

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Re: A dumb question, if I may . . .

Beacon wrote:

First, the comment . . . beautiful shot!

I am getting a big head. Honestly, most of the photographers here could manage something like this - or better.

Now, the dumb question . . . since you're setting the flash power
on each unit independently, would that imply that you're shooting
this in SU-4 mode?

The flash power is set independently for each SB800 by using one SB800 as the master. The master flash controls the output od the other flash units remotely.

In SU4 mode the flash units fire remotely too, but you have to set each unit individually by hand - and then use a flashmeter to determine the correct exposure (I think I have got this right). Also in SU4 mode the flashguns fire optically - meaning that an IR sensor or a flash going off will make all your flash units fire similataneously. That is great until wedding guests start taking flash photos near your set-up and the accidentally trigger your units. The SB800's remote mode are triggered by a radio signal and are unaffected by flashes from other cameras. (again, this is my understanding of it - I may be corrected by someone more knowledgeable like Iliah or Thom)

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