Who will upgrade from the 10D or rebel to 20D?

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mark kay wrote:

Has no one asked this question yet?? Did i miss it? IF you will
upgrade... why

From the specs, it appears that the 20D isn't offering anything of extra value for me.

Resolution? 10% more in dimensions. Meh.
Shooting speed? Never been a limitation for me on the 10D.
More AF points? I only use the center one anyway.
More AF speed? The EOS-650 was fast enough for my purposes, the 10D even faster.

More AF precision? Well, if my 50/1.4 magically gets it on the nose wide-open every time on the 20D, it would be nice, but not worth the cost and hassle of upgrading.

EF-S mount? Well, had I had the option at the time, I would probably have picked the 10-22 over the Sigma 12-24, but since I already have Popeye, meh again.

The only real unknown is ISO and noise, but if the Mark II is any indication, it's unlikely to be dramatically superior -- and it would take dramatically superior to seriously tempt me (say, over a stop of improvement).

Basically, this looks like a nice, incremental update to the 10D, but nothing dramatic. I'd be surprised if Canon intends for 10D users to upgrade; it looks like it's meant to one-up the Nikon D70 and, perhaps, tempt the pixel-junkies among 300D owners.

Once a 1.3x or 1.0x camera in the same form factor comes out, I will be seriously considering an upgrade. I want my wide-angles to work like they're meant to, but I don't want to haul around an anvil -- and the 1D Mk II is just out of reach price-wise, too.

So, Canon, let's make that mythical 3D a reality, shall we?

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