Who will upgrade from the 10D or rebel to 20D?

Started Aug 18, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: 1600 dollars with the kit lens...

It outfeatures the Nikon, has 8 MPX, plus it has an IS lens. I believe that outclasses the Nikon right off the bat.

Of course that's face value - if the camera tests bad, then it isn't going to beat the D70. But I don't think Canon is going to introduce a camera in this situation that isn't going to be competitive.

The Krakken wrote:
IS only a reasonable value, if this camera is supposed to compete
with the D200. If its supposed to compete with the D70, then its
about 250 dollars too high.....extra features and all.....

Ray Hirsch wrote:

I will upgrade from 300D. I have been waiting for an updated model
with 10D features or better, and this appears to be it. $1600 with
the kit lens would appear to be reasonable value. As of now I plan
to buy one, but I will await more details and some sample images.

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