Do DSLRs Need to be so SLRish?

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Focusing, another opinion...

Mike Overly wrote:

There's probably an obvious answer to these questions, but the
obvious has escaped me here.

Why can't cameras with an interchangable 35mm lense system use the
same live preview, no-mirror setup prosumer cameras use? I'm
guessing at the least you'd lose the optical 88-percentish
viewfinder, but also would eliminate mirror vibration and get a
100% electronic viewfinder.

I shot fully manual SLRs (OM1s) for years. A lot of what I do falls roughly into the category of 'street' photography. I walk around with a camera and grab shots that interest me. It's hard to compose, focus, and adjust exposure in a rapid manner, and get it right.

I moved to an OM4 for my 'walk around' so that I had to deal with only composing and focusing, let the camera deal with the exposure.

After scanning in my 12,000 travel slides I decided that digital wasn't such a bad idea. Very quickly I found that the in-camera focusing system was better than I was for quick shots. Sure, it focused on the wrong thing once in a while, but its 'hit rate' was better than mine overall.

Now I've got a digital with a decent (not state of the art) EVF. It has several focusing aids, the ability to place a small dot on the part of the frame that one wants in focus, the ability to magnify part of the frame to get the focusing even more critically set.

I can manually focus with my EVF just as well as with my OM1s. I just use a different technique.

I get pre-shot histograms. I get lots of data on the viewscreen (if I want it). I have a 'slap-less' silent camera. I have a 100% viewfinder.

And I carry a smaller, lighter camera. That's important to me.

Now I want a half-frame, exchangeable lens camera with an EVF as good or better than the one on the A2. (Don't forget that the Genesis video camera has a 3 meg EVF. It's possible....)

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