S2 and Long Exposures

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Re: S2 and Long Exposures

I recently photographed Niagra Falls at night in the fog and mist.

I was 50 feet above the Bridal falls platform, which was in darkness, in the foreground. The range between the platform and the lights of the falls was greater than the camera could handle. When I selected the shadow areas and lightened to show detail, there was an unacceptable amount of noise - - evne at 100 ISO, 1.5 and 2 second exposures.

Other long exposures (longer than 1/2 sec) under easier situations have also been disappointing, showing noise at all speeds. I find 1/2 second is the longest exposure that does not result in unacceptable (for me) levels of noise. It's just not there yet. That's why my long exposures are still done on film.

Helpful hint:

1. Use the self timer, so you are not coming in contact with the camera, even with a cable release. The cable release is mechanical, and so adds to vibration. I think the S3 will have an electronic cable release, which should help.

2. With exposures long enough to time, use "B", open the shutter while holding a black card in front of the lens, then lift the black card for the length of your exposure.

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