Disaster in Firenze, bye O55

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Re: Disaster in Firenze, bye O55 // Ernesto

Ernesto Cardenas wrote:

Jack Simpson wrote:

Ernesto Cardenas wrote:> Good Morning Ernesto,

to be surrounded by the beauty and ambiance of Firenze or (m)any
other city in Europe is very much adding insult to injury. :((

You're telling the right words Jack, i'm in the half of my
vacations..it was my first day in Firenze and i have to go to
Perugia before return to Madrid.

Morning Ernesto,

Ah Madrid, another beautiful city I have had the opportunity to visit.

as difficult as it may be to do, I would definately advise you to
hold off
purchasing a new camera until you have a chance to see the new
Pentax/Optio camera's coming out this fall.

I'll try to wait, but... this months have been wonderful, i don't
know how used to live without a digital camera.

I feel exactly the same way and if I were in your same situation it would
be very difficult not to buy a new digi camera straight away.

I know a little about the specs and prices, albeit in CDN $, but I was
asked not to talk too much about what little I know of them....but
your story reminded me of a (nearly) similar incident whilst visiting
London so I just wanted to let you know that rather than running
out and buying a different camera straight away that I definately
think it will be worth your while to wait a little.

Ok... my concerns are: Memory cards, i have done a good investment
in SD cards. Battery: would be compatible with the line of
450/550/555? Its because i bought a spare battery before my

I know the SD cards will be remaining with the Optio line but I am not
100% sure about the battery size and if it would fit in the 555's
replacement as it supposed to be a tad smaller.

Hope this helps.



Once again, my condolescences.


Best Regards

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It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't know what one is doing

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