Disaster in Firenze, bye O55

Started Aug 11, 2004 | Discussions thread
micra Senior Member • Posts: 1,304
Re: Disaster in Firenze, bye O55

What I ment was, that PENTAX alway repair the lens by replacing the box, which contains the lens AND the mechanism/"gear wheel" an so on. It's one unit.

I would definitely check it out, by sending the camera to PENTAX by mail.

Call them!


Ernesto Cardenas wrote:
I'll try to repair it, but i doubt it since i think that all the
lens mechanism is broken, perhaps the reparation is the half of the
price of a new one.

Worst: i live in Madrid and the spanish representative of Pentax is
located in Barcelona.....


micra wrote:

I also know the lens is sitting in a small "box" inside the camera,
and therefore "easy" to reapir. So it's mayby not so expensive.

Try it!

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