Disaster in Firenze, bye O55

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Jack Simpson
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Re: Disaster in Firenze, bye O55 // Ernesto

Ernesto Cardenas wrote:


Today is one of my worst day in my life, 2 hours ago i was walking
in a street of Firenze (Italy) when my little Optio 555 falls in a
stone street, the lens were open so you can guess the results. :((

In square of Firenze currently there is a interesting concert, but
nothing imports to me, when i was walking in the beatiful streets
of Firenze i felt me without freedom, my O555 was the freedom and
power to take all the pictures that i wanted, it was happpines,
power and freedom in a small size. Just a week ago i bought a new
memory card of 512MB in Paris (32x) in a excelente price.....

I'll miss you...


PD. You can guess that i need to be on the digital road again, so
my questions are:

  • Currently there is another camera with 5MP/5xzoom that compares

with the Optio 555?

  • What would be a reasonable price (in EUROS please) to buy a

O555?? (in October i bought mine at 520€ + - using Nomatica.com)

  • must I wait for the O777, what would be its entry prince (i EUROS

please)?? When it will be in stores?

Good Morning Ernesto,

My extreme condolensces to you over the loss of your Optio and,
especially considering the circumstances. It is one thing to be
walking around your house or at work and drop your camera but
to be surrounded by the beauty and ambiance of Firenze or (m)any
other city in Europe is very much adding insult to injury. :((

Regarding the loss and replacement of the Optio 555, the store
where I work had a dinner with our Pentax Sales Rep and, yes,
the 555 is discontinued but there will be a replacement for it coming
along early this autumn amongst some other digital camera's and,
as difficult as it may be to do, I would definately advise you to hold off
purchasing a new camera until you have a chance to see the new
Pentax/Optio camera's coming out this fall.

I know a little about the specs and prices, albeit in CDN $, but I was
asked not to talk too much about what little I know of them....but
your story reminded me of a (nearly) similar incident whilst visiting
London so I just wanted to let you know that rather than running
out and buying a different camera straight away that I definately
think it will be worth your while to wait a little.

Once again, my condolescences.



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