Disaster in Firenze, bye O55

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Re: Disaster in Firenze, bye O55

I have done the same, with my O550 (now I have the 555).

Well, try to send it to the aut. Pentax Repair. For free, you can get a repair-price before they repair the camera. So is it in Denmark, and I knowall the shops/storesl in Europe, send their cameras to Pentax in Nederland for repair.

I also know the lens is sitting in a small "box" inside the camera, and therefore "easy" to reapir. So it's mayby not so expensive.

Try it!


Ernesto Cardenas wrote:


Today is one of my worst day in my life, 2 hours ago i was walking
in a street of Firenze (Italy) when my little Optio 555 falls in a
stone street, the lens were open so you can guess the results. :((

In square of Firenze currently there is a interesting concert, but
nothing imports to me, when i was walking in the beatiful streets
of Firenze i felt me without freedom, my O555 was the freedom and
power to take all the pictures that i wanted, it was happpines,
power and freedom in a small size. Just a week ago i bought a new
memory card of 512MB in Paris (32x) in a excelente price.....

I'll miss you...


PD. You can guess that i need to be on the digital road again, so
my questions are:

  • Currently there is another camera with 5MP/5xzoom that compares

with the Optio 555?

  • What would be a reasonable price (in EUROS please) to buy a

O555?? (in October i bought mine at 520€ + - using Nomatica.com)

  • must I wait for the O777, what would be its entry prince (i EUROS

please)?? When it will be in stores?

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