shadow hilight correction for ELEMENTS ?

Started Aug 9, 2004 | Discussions thread
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PSE2 ctrl+alt+~ for shadow/highlights

Steve wrote:

does anyone know of this feature as a plug-in for elements ?. or
should I upgrade to CS ?.
Isn't it the same as LEVELS ?. or is there something more ?

You don't need some mysterious action to adjust the shadows and highlights in PSE2. All you need is the PSE2 workaround for the ctrl+alt+~ command in PS.

1)Create a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. Don't group it with anything, and don't make any changes. You are only going to use the mask in that layer to help you out.

2) Click on the layer with your image, and Select/All and Edit/Copy. That copies your image to the clipboard.

3) alt+click on the white mask thumbnail in the Hue/Sat adjustment layer. That causes you to enter mask edit mode. The visibility of all your layers will turn off, your image will disappear from view, and the mask will appear-it should be blank white.

4)Edit/Paste. That pastes your image into the mask.

5)alt+click on the mask thumbnail again to exit mask edit mode.

6)ctrl+click on the mask thumbnail. You should see a selection of the highlights. Now, you are done with the Hue/Sat adjustment layer, so turn off it's visibility. Click on the layer with your image on it, and adjust the highlights with whatever adjustment you want to make. If you want to adjust the shadows click Select> Inverse.

It is not apparent, but the selection you made is not a normal selection. It actually fades into the midtones and shadows, and it does not actually have the distinct borders shown by the marching ants. If you want to demonstrate that, duplicate your image onto another layer and turn of the visibility of all the layers except the duplicate. Your selection should still be active at this point. Then if you hit the delete key, you will delete everything that is selected in your image. After hitting the delete key, you should see a ghostly likeness of your original image.

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