Sych Speeds faster than 1/500 of a second with D70

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Re: Sych Speeds faster than 1/500 of a second with D70

As you have hinted at, the use of shallow depth of field is what is important. It's not just for freezing action. For example, shooting a bikini model on a beach with a blurred background in daylight is tough because the intense light means an exposure with the aperture stopped down--increasing the depth of field. Thus, having a faster shutter speed helps by cutting the exposure time and requiring a wider aperture. The other factor is ISO; if the D70 had ISO 100, 50 or even 25 the camera would be pretty close to perfect.

Freezing action indoors can be tough and depends upon the lighting and subject. Sometimes ambient light, even indoors, is enough to show some movement. Anytime you use a flash, there are 2 exposures going on--the flash and the ambient. If the ambient is bright enough, you will get a perceptible "second" image.


Raymond Bradlau wrote:
Very nice shot! really good timing also

I am a bit confused though, Now with the ISO of 200 being the
lowest setting on the D70 this would seem like a great way to use
very shallow depth of field (wide aperture) and flash as fill
putside in BRIGHT light, but as far as freezing action indoors
under normal room light I dont see why a high shutter speed is

Set you aperture to F22 and a shutter speed to 1/60th, pop the
flash for correct exposure and really since the room light is such
a tiny fraction of the light in the exposure vs. the flash you
shutter speed is effectively just the flash duration (Usually much
much faster than 1/3200)

Use the link below for an example at 1/30th at F22 and old manual

Thanks for the post, and again very cool shot

Dan Judd wrote:

I saw a post earlier today from Oldpear. He noted that it is
possible to use a Nikon Speedlight with the D70 at speeds faster
than 1/500 sec. by blocking the back 2 flash contacts and running
the flash in manual.

Well I tried it and it works! I covered the 2 back contacts with a
piece of tape and then connected my SB-800. I set the D70 and the
SB-800 to Manual.

After a little fine tuning I was able to shoot the following images:

Shutter 1/3200 F8, SB-800 1/128 ouput level.

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