Re: Canon release 3.6.1 TWAIN drivers

Started Apr 8, 2001 | Discussions thread
EJN Veteran Member • Posts: 6,014
Get 3.6.1 here ..

Anybody interested and cannot get them yet, you can pick up the USB361.EXE file from my public site on

Log on as a visitor with eric_james (that's all lower case with underline in-between) and then download.

I haven't loaded it myself as the one I put on from the CD works OK but got it first day OK just for readiness, so take your chance. Folks seem to say it works OK and it's the site that's the problem.


Joe Biegel wrote:
Can't argue with you based on what's on the site now, but there was
a 3.6.1 download there the other day...I downloaded it...sure seems
to be gone now...

Rheuter Cheng wrote:
Did you try it before you posted it here?

There are only drivers for version 3.5.0, not the 3.6.1....

Trent Mulkern wrote:


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