How difficult is it to..

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Re: How difficult is it to..

I suggest you buy a book called....

Photoshop for digital Photographers by Scott Kelby, great book to get you started.

Try this technique.....

Bring up your picture.

Choose Shape tool, Custom Shape tool, choose copyright symbol, let color be black. Make a big shape over the image, emboss the shape through filter stylize emboss 135 angle, 3 height, amount 100%.

Now on your layers pallet where it says normal, change it to Hard Light, also you can change the Opacity to make it more transparent.

You dont have to use the copyright symbol, you can just type on the screen and use that too, the main thing is the hard light setting.

Try it out.


Geoff Yates wrote:

put your name at the bottom right hand corner of a photograph u've
taken? What program are people using generally for this? I am
new-ish to Photoshop but have it...thanks in advance


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