Canon logo branded items are available

Started Jul 31, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon logo branded items are available

Can you click on any link to get to another page, I keep getting
back to the home page and nothing else.

It's one of those slimy Web sites that makes you enable cookies just to look at their products. And they do add a tracking cookie.

Personally, I have issues with paying good money to become a walking billboard for any company. The prices for the products offered aren't exactly cheap. And if the quality is anything like the neck strap included with the 1DMkII, you can probably do better.

You walk around with a big, black $4500 camera with the Canon logo on it and an even bigger, day-glo white, lens with the Canon logo on it. How much more publicity do you want to give Canon for free? They're making enough money from us to pay for their own publicity. Frankly I think it would be a nice jesture if Canon offered us a $7 Canon baseball cap or a golf shirt for being good customers. If they gave me some article of apparel I would probably wear it. But to pay them to advertise their company just doesn't cut it with me.


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