Sony P150 Dynamic range speculation

Started Jul 27, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Jo Lovell
Jo Lovell Regular Member • Posts: 234
Sony P150 Dynamic range speculation

Now before anyone calls me an idiot for going by monitor screen grabs, I want to stress that this is fun speculation, not a scientific observation!

Now, caveat aside....

Did anyone else notice the apparently narrow dynamic range in those screen grab shots!? Huge areas of blown out image, and the histograms seem to back that up! (not sure on the laptop shot if there is a sharp spike on the right or is that something in the picture?) OK ok, i don't know the metering mode/ exposure compensation etc, but is there any reason that cramming 7.2 million pixel on a tiny sensor would affect DR, or only noise?

Fun to speculate, can't wait for samples on how well this thing performs...the future of small sensor/high MP count could be unfolding...


And once more with feeling - I know they are just screen grabs, it's fun to speculate.
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