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Re: Get the IBM

dont want to spoil the ibm party... but i had one a while back. 1gb model for my 10d. worked for a few months with no probs, and too real good care of it. i have a usb2 card reader i use to pull the images off the md. apart from this, it lived its life in my camera and i was very careful never to shake it or drop it.

one day i put it in the camera and heard a siron noise. i thought it was the camera! heart attack time!

i finally realised it was the md

it was bought from japan and didnt have any kind of warrenty and thus i have a broken md sitting on my desk

i went out and purchased a 1gb fast cf card. never had any probs with this and is alot faster than the md. i paid around £130 for the md and £170 for the cf card. i know what im gonna purchase next time..

not saying they are bad, but just be super super careful!

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